What are Kevlar&Reg; Jeans?

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Kevlar® is a type of synthetic polymer fiber most commonly used in police protection attire, such as bulletproof vests. It is known to have great strength, three times the tensile strength of steel, and is lightweight so it can be easily worn. Kevlar® jeans, which have been referred to as motorcycle jeans or biker jeans, are not made entirely from Kevlar®, they are made primarily from denim. They do, however, have Kevlar® supports in specific areas of the jeans.

Kevlar® material was created in 1965 by the DuPont™ company. It was commercially used during the 1970s to replace steel in racing tires. Since then, Kevlar® has been used for racing sails, bicycle tires and body armor. Kevlar® has also been used for its acoustic properties as loudspeaker cones and in some brands of snare drums.

Kevlar® jeans are made to help their wearers withstand injury, with motorcycle riders particularly in mind. The denim used in Kevlar® jeans is commonly thicker than average denim. This is to help keep the areas that do not have Kevlar® supports durable and intact in case of an accident.


Kevlar® supports are typically arranged under the denim in the thighs, seat and knees of the jeans. The areas most protected are those that usually hit asphalt during an accident. There is usually extra support in the knees in the form of thick padding. In testing, the Kevlar® has been shown to withstand most motorcycle crashes and can help protect a rider’s legs from extreme injury.

Some brands of Kevlar® jeans have pockets in the knees and elsewhere that allow wearers to remove the Kevlar® pads. While Kevlar® jeans designers have worked to make the jeans comfortable, some wearers have reported that the Kevlar® supports are uncomfortable for walking, and they remove them when not riding. With some brands, wearers also can add extra padding to the jeans, which provide extra support.

Though made for protection, Kevlar® jeans are not indestructible. They will help protect riders, but the Kevlar® will usually incur damage. Minimal damage includes scratches on the Kevlar® supports under the jeans, which is what occurs in typical crashes. In catastrophic accidents, there is a chance the Kevlar® will completely wear down and disintegrate.

While made for the motorcyclist in mind, Kevlar® jeans can also be worn by those just looking for extra durable and protective clothing. Kevlar® jeans have been made for both men and women. This allows anyone to enjoy the protection these jeans afford.


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