What are Ketosis Symptoms?

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Some common ketosis symptoms include headache, fatigue, and nausea. Additionally, some people complain of being cold all the time and tasting metal in their mouths. One of the best indicators of ketosis may be the way a person's breath smells. People who are going through ketosis usually have very sweet smelling breath, typically reminiscent of fruit. It may be bad enough that others are able to smell it, and the person with this type of breath can often actually taste it. Ketosis symptoms are not necessarily dangerous and normally pass quickly.

Ketosis is usually caused by a low carbohydrate diet. When a person suddenly stops giving his body carbohydrates after it has gotten used to receiving them, his body reacts by burning off excess fat stores for energy instead. Ketosis is the term used to describe the process of the body burning fat as fuel for energy. Ketosis symptoms rarely persist for more than a week. After this amount of time, the body has typically gotten used to burning fat instead of sugars for energy.


There is not really a definite answer as to whether ketosis is harmful. People who are against low carbohydrate diets tend to believe that ketosis can be harmful, while proponents of such diets insist that it does no harm. One thing that most experts agree on is that the form of ketosis brought on by diabetes can be unhealthy. Ketoacidosis is the type of ketosis that tends to plague diabetics, and it occurs when excess glucose builds up inside the body. This type of ketosis can increase symptoms such as dehydration and excessive urination that many diabetics typically have problems with, and it can alter the blood pH level.

A person who experiences ketosis while on a low carbohydrate diet is most likely not in any danger, but she should pay attention to how severe her symptoms are. If ketosis symptoms reach a point where it is difficult to go about the daily routine, it may be a good idea for a person to go ahead and eat some healthy carbs. Additionally, a person should make sure that he is taking a multi-vitamin every day to help make up for whatever nutrients he may be lacking while trying to lose weight. The addition of vitamins to the low carbohydrate diet may also help to relieve ketosis symptoms.


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Post 2
@Telesyst- you are right, diabetic ketoacidosis is nothing to fool around with.

One thing a lot of diabetics don't know is that being sick with a cold, an infection or some sort of flu could easily trigger a dangerous jump in blood sugar.

Many people assume that any illness that reduces a person's appetite or their ability to hold down liquids or food would be more likely to result in lower blood sugar.

However, that is not true. Infections, for example, usually drive up blood sugar as part of the body's natural response to fighting off the illness.

Post 1

Make no mistake, diabetic ketoacidosis is extremely dangerous and, in most cases, requires immediate medical attention.

Diabetic ketoacidosis can result in coma and even death, especially if left untreated.

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