What Are Honey Bran Muffins?

Emily Pate

Honey bran muffins are individual, cupcake-shaped portions of sweetened quick bread featuring this natural sweetener and grain by-product. The honey is naturally created by bees obtaining, mixing, and storing flower nectar, and it may be raw or processed when used for muffins. Bran, a whole grain's outer shell, is obtained through milling and combined with flour or other grains to give the muffins texture, density, and fiber. The muffins contain a variety of other basic ingredients and add-ins, and several preparation and baking adjustments are necessary.

Baking soda, one of the ingredients in honey bran muffins.
Baking soda, one of the ingredients in honey bran muffins.

Honey is a natural sweetener created when bees mix flower nectar with the enzymes in their saliva, and then store the mixture in their hive walls, where heat from their wings removes moisture. The honey's color and texture depends on from which flowers the nectar originated. Most honey sold in supermarkets is pasteurized, though raw honey is typically available at health food stores and farmer's markets.


In honey bran muffins, this thick substance is used to add sweetness and a bit of moisture to the quick bread. It may also be used as a healthy alternative to refined sugar if the honey is raw. Honey may have to be heated for several seconds or its container set in hot water, especially in colder months or if it's raw, to allow for easier pouring.

The second main ingredient — bran — in this muffin comes from a whole grain, usually wheat or oat. Whole grains have a hard outer shell that can be separated during milling, which is how bran is created. Rice, corn, and millet bran are also available. Often, bran is mixed with a type of flour to form the base of a muffin batter. The flour gives a soft, spongy quality to the muffins, and the bran adds density and texture.

Other basic ingredients are found in honey bran muffins. Leavening agents like baking soda or powder help the muffins to rise and fluff up, while wet ingredients like oil or butter and eggs bind, add moisture, and may also help to leaven. Pureed fruits may be used in place of high-fat butters or oils. Add-ins like nuts and fresh or dried fruit add more texture and flavor, as do baking spices.

Preparation of honey bran muffins involves sifting the dry ingredients together. Honey is poured in with the wet ingredients and binders, and slowly stirred into the dry ingredients, combining until a smooth batter forms. Honey bran muffins frequently require slightly more liquid and stirring than those made with all-enriched flour, and a slightly lower oven temperature prevents the syrupy sweetener from burning.

Honey adds a delicate sweetness to muffins.
Honey adds a delicate sweetness to muffins.

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