What are Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are a medical condition characterized by inflamed and swollen veins surrounding the lower rectum or anus. Not everyone suffering from the condition has symptoms. For those with internal hemorrhoids, the most common symptom is bright blood on toilet paper, covering the fecal matter, or in the toilet. Internal hemorrhoids may also protrude and be painful and irritated. External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, generally result in a hard lump and painful swelling in the area around the anus.

There are several potential causes of this condition. The most typical causes include excessive straining during a bowel movement, aging, pregnancy, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, and anal intercourse. Those who are already experiencing hemorrhoids can irritate them further by excessively straining, cleaning, or rubbing the area.

There are several things a person can do at home to treat this condition, although most treatments are meant to relieve the symptoms and do not necessarily get rid of the problem. One of the best treatments a person can use to get relief is to soak in a tub of warm water for approximately ten minutes. Nothing should be added to the water while soaking.


Another home remedy for hemorrhoids is dietary changes. Maintaining a diet that is high in fiber – which can be found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grain foods – and includes plenty of fluids can prevent hemorrhoids from forming and can help relieve them when they occur. This is because a high-fiber diet coupled with six to eight glasses of water per day causes the stool to be bulkier, yet softer. This makes it easier to pass and results in less straining during bowel movements.

In serious cases, medical intervention may be necessary. This may be as simple as using hemorrhoid cream or as complex as surgery. Some procedures must be initiated and monitored by a doctor, but can be completed from the comforts of home.

A rubber band ligation, for example, involves cutting off the circulation of the hemorrhoid by placing a rubber band around its base. This causes the hemorrhoid to whither away over time. Alternatively, sclerotherapy may be performed. In this procedure, the doctor injects a chemical solution around the blood vessel in order to cause the hemorrhoids to shrink. In some cases, surgery can be performed in a doctor’s office. Some hemorrhoid surgery, however, may require a hospital stay.


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Post 3

My experience of hemorrhoids was painful! Until I used 3 elements home remedy, an herbal remedy that had permanent results (until now.)

Post 2

Boil Smartweed (=nettle) in water, then leave it for some time to get cold (room temperature) and moisten cotton with it and leave it on the sensitive area for the night. It is anti-inflammatory and proven to give relief!

Post 1

Someone told me that I could use peroxide to help shrink my hemorrhoids. Is this true and is it even safe? It sounds kind of far fetched to me, but hey maybe I'm the dumb one.

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