What are Home Remedies for Heartburn?

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Heartburn, also known as bloating, indigestion, dyspepsia, and borborygmus, is a medical condition resulting in chest pain or abdominal discomfort after eating or drinking. Other symptoms of heartburn include a burning sensation or pressure in the area around the breastbone, mild nausea, and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen. Excessive gas and belching, as well as stomach growling, are additional symptoms. A person suffering from heartburn may also feel pain between the shoulders or in the neck.

Experts are unsure of the exact cause of heartburn, though several events appear to trigger it. For example, swallowing air while eating or drinking can lead to heartburn. Excessive smoking, as well as eating certain foods, is another cause.

Foods associated with heartburn include fatty, fried, and spicy foods. Tomato products and citrus fruits are also common causes, as are chocolate, peppermint, and pepper. Coffee, tea with caffeine, and alcohol are other triggers of heartburn.

There are several steps a person can take to prevent heartburn. One such step is refraining from smoking while eating or just before eating. This is because smoking encourages swallowing air and slows down food digestion, both of which trigger heartburn. In addition, one should monitor the types of food consumed, taking care to avoid foods that typically cause heartburn.


While eating, it is best to sit in an upright position. Care should be taken to chew food thoroughly, and alcohol should not be consumed at the same time. Afterward, taking a small walk can help improve digestion. Strenuous exercise, however, should be avoided after eating a large meal.

For many heartburn sufferers, eating a bit of fresh ginger can eliminate heartburn symptoms. It can also prevent heartburn when eaten with the meal. It can either be added to the food, taken as a capsule, or included in tea. Most herbalists recommend taking 500mg with a glass of water after a meal to prevent heartburn. A glass of green tea after a meal can also be beneficial, as it stimulates the body’s digestive system.

Papaya enzymes, which can be purchased in chewable form, also help the digestive process. Taking a papaya pill after a meal can prevent heartburn. Increasing the amount of fiber and water consumed per day is also helpful. Fiber absorbs acids and gas, while water helps rid the body of toxins.


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Post 3

Baking soda and water might work for some people as a heartburn treatment, but it doesn't work for me. It makes me nauseated and causes bloating. So I warn everyone to be careful with it. I also react badly to antacids with calcium. They don't do anything, in fact they seem to make things worse for me.

Chamomile tea or organic mint tea are much better remedies in my view. Apple juice in small amounts is also okay. My heartburn calms down when I eat bland foods and avoid all acidic foods anyway. Caffeine is my enemy. Even half a cup of black tea gives me terrible heartburn.

Post 2

I usually have a handful of plain crackers or a slice of bread when I have heartburn due to GERD. These seem to reduce acidity. I also keep a glass of warm milk with me and sip on it little by little. Small amounts of milk have the same effect as over-the-counter antacids.

Post 1

Fresh ginger or ginger candies are absolutely wonder for heartburn relief. Ginger also treats nausea. I always keep ginger at home for this reason.

I used to eat ginger candies before for heartburn and then I discovered fresh ginger. I think that fresh ginger tastes better and it can also be added to herbal teas. Sometimes I suck on a thin slice of ginger in place of antacids. I even used ginger for morning sickness during my pregnancy. I recommend it to everyone. For those who are not used to the flavor of ginger, it may seem different at first. But you will soon get used to it and begin to love it.

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