What Are Hip Hop Hoodies?

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Hip hop hoodies are a type of clothing that is decorated in ways appealing to contemporary hip hop culture. What constitutes a hip hop aesthetic depends on the type of clothing with which the hoodie is worn as well as the person wearing the item. People who have established hip hop credibility can wear nearly any article of clothing and integrate that style into hip hop culture, but others must express the association with the style more outwardly. Most of the time, hip hop hoodies bear graffiti or urban-style graphics and are commonly printed all over rather than just on the chest or back of the item.

Usually, these hoodies are made of a tight knit material that keeps the body somewhat warm. Some they are lined, which makes them much warmer. The design that decorates these hoodies is usually printed onto the fabric using screen printing techniques, but sometimes direct painting or other strategies can be used. Metallic paint, embroidery, and other embellishments may make hip hop clothing more unique or beautiful, but many people find that simple printed graphics are most attractive.


One feature that sets hip hop hoodies apart from other similar clothing items is that they are commonly printed with a design that covers the entire item rather than just a logo or emblem. This style is also found outside hip hop communities, but it is particularly common for this type of clothing. The design may be a repeating graphic or a very large image.

Some common variations on basic hip hop hoodies include hoodie dresses, hoodies with metal pieces attached, and those that give the appearance of wearing a costume because of the way the design is placed on the body. Many other designs may also be popular within the hip hop community, although they might be subtler. In fact, hoodies in plain colors are overwhelmingly popular in some hip hop communities. For a more accurate assessment of what is currently considered appropriate for hip hop hoodies, a person might look at celebrities associated with this style or even cataloges that stock hip hop items.

Just because an item of clothing is associated with a certain music style does not mean that it will remain unique to that style for very long. In fact, the elements associated with hip hop hoodies are considered mainstream by many groups, although they are not often considered appropriate for anything other than street wear. It is possible to find hip hop hoodies in many different colors and themes, some of which do not readily relate to hip hop, which can make this a great style for anyone who needs a warm sweatshirt with a hood.


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