What are High Calorie Bars?

B. Miller

High calorie bars, also often referred to as protein bars, are nutritional snack bars that are extremely high in protein and heart-healthy fats. These high calorie bars are designed to promote healthy weight gain, and are most often used by people who are working out regularly and doing a great deal of strength training, because all of the protein in the bars can help to build muscle. The protein bars are typically very low in carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated or trans fat, though some do contain these ingredients, so it is important to read labels.

High calorie bars are designed to promote healthy weight gain.
High calorie bars are designed to promote healthy weight gain.

Often, when weight lifters are trying to gain weight, they are encouraged to eat five or six small meals a day rather than three large meals. These high calorie bars are often used as meal replacements for one or two of these meals, because athletes believe they will help build muscle, and encourage the body to lose fat. Because they are so high in calories, however, it is important to eat these bars in moderation, and only as part of a regular exercise routine.

Protein and calories are important when building muscles.
Protein and calories are important when building muscles.

High calorie bars come in many different flavors; some popular ones include chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, and caramel, though they often use artificial sweeteners to replace sugar. These high calorie bars also often contain vitamins and minerals, which can help the body to better process all of the protein it is receiving. There is some concern, however, that one can get too much of a good thing, as too much protein can be harmful.

Consuming too much protein in the diet can lead to issues such as kidney disease, heart disease, or stroke, and over time can lead to osteoperosis. This can occur by eating too many high calorie protein bars, or by consuming these bars along with protein shakes and a diet that is high in protein. Such a diet might include a great deal of meat, eggs, or dairy products. While protein is important for building muscles and gaining weight, it is important to consume it in moderation, as with all foods.

In addition, when eating high calorie bars, be sure to drink enough water, and stay hydrated throughout the day in order to prevent kidney stones. It is possible to make one's own high calorie protein bars at home; search online for recipes. In addition, it is possible to get plenty of protein just by eating a healthy diet as well.

High calorie bars are often available in sweet flavors like chocolate.
High calorie bars are often available in sweet flavors like chocolate.

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If you are going to eat high calories bars while you do athletic activities you might as well get one that includes a protein supplement as well. Luckily this is pretty standard these days.

Your body needs more than just calories when you are working out. Having protein as well as vitamins and minerals can help your body deal with the strains it will face in the course of a long physical outing.


You have to be careful eating a lot of high calories foods while you are ding athletic activities. You run the very real risk of taking in more calories than you need and negating any positive effects of your athletic activities.

I used to play a lot of ultimate Frisbee and each game would last about an hour. You would play five or six games in a day. I would usually eat a power bar or something like that between each game. One day I looked at the nutrition information and realized that I was eating like 2000 calories in the course of a day long tournament. That is way too many.


I love to backpack and high calorie snacks are crucial for giving your body the energy that it needs to make it through a long trek. My favorite are cliff bars because they are tasty, filling and also compact.

That is the whole thing packing high calorie food. If the calories are condensed into less food you have less you have to carry in your bag. that is really important. Food is bulky and heavy. If you can get the maximum amount of calories from the minimum amount of weight you will be doping yourself a lot of favors. It might not be the best meal you have ever had but it works.

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