What are Herbal Lozenges?

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Herbal lozenges are similar in size, and sometimes in flavor, to hard candies but are intended to ease sore throats and help people recover from colds, influenza, and similar illnesses. There are a number of such lozenges on the market, but herbal lozenges are usually made with primarily natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, chamomile, fruit extracts, and honey. In addition to herbal lozenges for cold and flu season, there are also lozenges that are intended to help people who are trying to quit smoking.

In most cases, herbal lozenges can be found in drug stores and pharmacies with other types of lozenges as well as cold medicine and fever reducers. There is quite a variety of lozenges and there are many flavors. Common flavors include cherry, honey, and various citrus flavors. The purpose of these lozenges is sometimes twofold. Although all herbal lozenges are meant to soothe sore throats, some of them are also formulated with vitamin C in order to help people recover from their illness as quickly as possible. Some lozenges are also made with zinc or echinacea for the same reason.


Some herbal lozenges are even intended to help people prevent illnesses such as colds and influenza. This is especially true with lozenges that are made with ingredients such as vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc. Not only can these ingredients help to shorten the duration of illnesses, they can also help to prevent them. As such, some people use these lozenges all throughout cold and flu season in an effort to reduce their risk of getting sick.

Sugar-free herbal lozenges are also available. These lozenges are often used by people who are diabetic and people who are trying to keep their calorie intake low. Although these sorts of lozenges are not as common as herbal lozenges that are sweetened with sugar or honey, they are carried by a number of pharmacies and drug stores and can also be ordered online.

Herbal lozenges for smokers are not incredibly easy to find, but they can be ordered from a number of online retailers. The formulas of these kinds of lozenges varies quite a bit from company to company. In order to find the best herbal lozenges to quit smoking, it is best to look for a few recommendations, which may be found via online message boards. This can help to find the most effective products to help stop smoking.


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Post 3

Herbal lozenges with ingredients like propolis, eucalyptus, lemon and ginger are also very good. My favorite are the ginger ones. The tastes requires a bit getting used to but they work like no other for sore throat. They also help with nausea because ginger is wonderful for the stomach.

Aside from making sure that herbal lozenges have beneficial natural ingredients, something else I pay attention to is the sweetener. Believe it or not some herbal lozenges actually have corn syrup in them. I only use lozenges with raw sugar or honey. Some brands also have sugar free herbal lozenges available with natural sweeteners.

Post 2

@ysmina-- Have you tried one with manuka honey?

All herbal lozenges might not be very good. And the options for herbal lozenges at local stores are fairly limited. I buy my herbal lozenges online and I love them. They are completely natural with manuka honey and herbs. They not only taste great but they also soothe my throat and improve my immune system.

I recommend doing some research before buying herbal lozenges. Check out the most popular ones and read reviews. Some brands and sellers don't mind sending samples of lozenges and hard candies which is a great way to try something without investing in a whole package.

Post 1

I tried a herbal lozenge once when I was sick. I was hoping that they would work as well as regular cough drops but with more natural and beneficial ingredients. But I stopped using them because they seemed to do nothing at all.

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