What Are Height Increasing Supplements?

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Height increasing supplements are, quite simply, supplements that claim to increase an individual’s height. Substances that supposedly make people grow taller are available in forms ranging from injections to pills. Examples include calcium, multi-vitamins, and human growth hormone (HGH).

One naturally occurring substance that may legitimately act as a height increasing supplement is calcium. This substance strengthens bones and makes them more dense, particularly the hard compact bone that comprises much of the skeleton. As bones become more dense, they also get larger and have more strength for growth. When the skeleton grows, so does the rest of the body.

Two additional substances, chondroitin and glucosamine, are believed to contribute to bone building as well. These particular supplements enhance the efficiency of cartilage and materials used to make new bone tissue. Proponents advise, however, that noticeable effects may take months to achieve.

Multi-vitamins often contain many of the most beneficial height-related properties. These pill forms are often advertised and promoted in strong sales pitches as height increasing supplements. Some of the more prevalent components of multi-vitamins proposed to increase height include vitamin B2, vitamin D, and vitamin A. For example, calcium may be better absorbed by the body with the help of the supplement vitamin D. In addition to helping the body — particularly the intestines — take in needed calcium, vitamin D also has proven success itself in building bone mass, just like other multi-vitamin components.


Human growth hormone constitute another common form of height increasing supplements. This substance occurs naturally in the brain's pituitary gland, and it contributes to many aspects of growth, including tallness. Like other supplements for increasing height, the substance builds up bone strength through calcium preservation, and it also generates stronger muscles. HGH enlarges organs, tissues, and individual cells as well, which contributes to overall body build. Since the level of natural HGH production begins gradually diminishing starting in a person's 20s, supplements are sometimes needed in order to maintain the beneficial effects of the hormone.

Individuals can generally take height increasing supplements in one of three ways. Perhaps the most prevalent method is oral ingestion, which typically involves taking height increasing substances in pill form. A second frequently implemented supplement method is injections. Syringes and liquid forms are common devices in these higher-priced, subscription-based supplements. A less prolific method that some individuals use for height increasing substances is putting a sprayed form of the supplement into the mouth.


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Post 4

This article is really good because it is all natural - no drugs or dangerous surgery. To boost all of that growth it is also important to supplement. This should be all natural and actually tested by real professionals.

Post 3

@feruze-- Glucosamine is another good supplement for growth, it definitely promoted growth for me. Calcium encourages bone growth and glucosamine encourages cartilage growth.

The key for growth when using all these supplements however is exercise. Exercise stimulates bones and joints and makes a big difference. I played basketball and did some weight training as well in addition to taking calcium and glucosamine.

Post 2

@fify-- Calcium is the best supplement, and the best way to get calcium is through food. If you can't have milk and milk products or egg whites for some reason, then you can take supplements.

Make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet full of fruits and veggies to get the rest of your vitamins. And don't forget to go out in the sun for vitamin D. There are also calcium supplements fortified with vitamin D if you need it.

I realize there are other supplements on the market claiming to increase height, but I think they have a lot of side effects and can be dangerous for health. You are still young, you may continue to grow until you're 20, so I think you should avoid medications and hormones for growth.

Post 1

I'm almost 17 and I'm only 5'4''. I want to grow taller, I hope to be at least 5'5''. Is it possible with supplements?

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