What are Healing Bracelets?

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Healing bracelets are often used in alternative medicine to increase energy levels, relieve the symptoms of arthritis, and promote general good health. Proponents of healing bracelets believe that they can help balance the body's energetic aura for optimum health and vitality. These bracelets are often made with copper. Some are magnetized, since proponents of healing jewelry often believe that wearing magnets helps to balance the body's electromagnetic field. Still other healing bracelets are made with gemstones, generally chosen for their supposed psychic healing properties.

Advocates of wearing healing jewelry claim that copper, magnetic, and gemstone healing bracelets have been used successfully for centuries to increase vitality and promote all types of physical and psychic healing. Many of these bracelets are made with copper. Copper bracelets are believed to support good health because the human body needs a small amount of dietary copper for proper functioning. Advocates of copper healing bracelet use believe that many people don't receive enough copper through daily dietary intake. The body is believed capable of absorbing trace amounts of copper from a copper healing bracelet, so wearing such a bracelet is believed to help resolve dietary copper deficiency.

Copper healing bracelets are believed to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis by supporting bone and joint health. They are said to help support appropriate blood circulation and metabolism. They are also believed to relieve chronic fatigue by boosting energy levels.


Some types of healing bracelets are made with magnets. Magnetic healing jewelry is said to help balance the body's electromagnetic fields with long-term wear. Benefits are believed to include improved sleep, increased circulation, and reduced stress. Magnetic bracelets often claim to relieve arthritis symptoms and enhance feelings of peace and well-being in their wearers.

Healing jewelry made with gemstones is said to help clear and balance the chakras, or spiritual energy centers of the body. Advocates of chakra balancing believe that physical, emotional and psychological traumas can cause blockages and imbalances in the body's spiritual energy centers. These imbalances are said to lead to mental, emotional, and physical illness. Wearing a healing bracelet made with chakra-balancing gemstones is said to help restore the body's spiritual energy centers to their optimum level of function.

Various gemstones are believed to influence different chakras. Manufactured gemstone healing bracelets often incorporate gems believed to influence all seven chakras. Some manufacturers allow customers to select their own individualized gemstone combinations, according to personal needs and preferences.


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As far as I know there is not any hard science backing up the utility of energy bracelets or healing crystals. But the placebo effect is real, and if you think something is working you might as well stick with it. It can't hurt anything right, and it does more for you than a regular piece of gold jewelry.

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I see all the baseball players wearing these bracelets and necklaces that are supposed to provide health benefits. I can't believe how many guys use them. Do they really work, or is it all in their minds?

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