What are hCG Diet Drops?

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Human chorionic gonadroptropin (hGC) diet drops are a weight loss aid that has gained popularity with many seeking a quicker way to lose weight. HCG diet drops are derived from a naturally occurring hormone that is found in pregnant women. The hormone can be extracted and diluted in order to provide a weight loss aid. The drops are usually taken under the tongue and are combined with a low calorie diet to provide drastic weight loss. It is said that a person on the diet can experience weight loss of about one or more pounds (about .45 kg) a day without exercising.

The hormone, hCG, is secreted by cells in the placenta in pregnant women. About 11 days after conception, the hormone can be found via blood test. After 12-14 days, it can show up in urine and is often used to detect pregnancy. One of the purposes of the hormone is to help the body get fat ready for use in order to provide energy for the pregnant woman and her developing baby. It is this phenomenon that is thought to make hCG diet drops so effective.


It is recommended that a person taking hCG diet drops ingest them in conjunction with a special diet. This diet has three phases. During the first phase, a person eats a high fat diet in order to ready cells for the next phase. The next phase is a very low calorie stage and it is recommended that the dieter not eat more than 500 calories a day during this phase. During the last three days, administration of the drops is stopped but the person remains on the diet. In the last phase, a person should increase their calorie intake to about 1500 calories a day and refrain from eating certain sugars and starches for about three weeks.

HCG diet drops are thought to work by making stubborn fat ready for a person’s body to use. Since a person is taking in so few calories while on the diet, the body uses the calories that are stored in that stored fat in order to function. Proponents of the hCG diet drops say that it is safe since it comes from a natural source. They also state that it works equally well in men and women. In addition, the diet increases metabolic rate so that weight is maintained even after the dieter moves to a higher calorie regimen.

Opponents of using hCG to increase weight loss claim that it is not a safe option. They point to the very low calorie intake as the real source of the weight loss, rather than the hormone. They also state that consuming so few calories can lead to impaired brain function. Irritability, headaches, mood swings, and blood clots are possible side effects of the hCG diet drops. In addition, some women may experience Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome as a result of taking these drops.

HCG diet drops can be purchased online or in various healthfood or drugstores, although some areas may require a prescription. Those interested in purchasing the drops should be sure to check out the regulations in their region before buying, and should to some research to be sure they are purchasing the drops from a reputable source. In addition, it is a good idea to consult with a medical professional before going on any type of diet.


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Hcg is one of the most popular diet plans ever introduced to the market. Many people around the world have used the HCG diet plan and lost the weight faster than the others, and are now living the fit life.

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