What are Hawthorn Benefits?

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Hawthorn berries are one of the many herbs used in various types of alternative healing practices. Loaded with a range of vitamins and other nutrients, hawthorn benefits range from promoting a strong cardiovascular system to easing the emotional stress of depression and various anxiety disorders. Available in most health food stores, hawthorn is available as an extract and also in capsule form.

One of the most celebrated hawthorn benefits has to do with improving circulation in the body. This is accomplished in part by helping the body to flush toxins and excess fats from the bloodstream. As a result, there is less stress on the heart, and the organ functions with greater efficiency. At the same time, the improved blood flow leads to normal blood pressure levels, a situation that also helps to minimize the potential for strokes and heart attacks.

The benefits of hawthorn also include balancing the nervous system. Many of the nutrients found in hawthorn berries, including selenium, moderate amounts of calcium and potassium, and trace amounts of the B-vitamins, can have a calming affect on people who are anxious, depressed, or under a great deal of stress. When taken regularly, hawthorn can help to ease the ill effects of these conditions, and make it possible to enjoy a more balanced mental state.


These nutrients that bring about the hawthorn benefits related to the heart and nerves can also help with conditions like insomnia. The presence of vitamin C and calcium help to calm jangled nerves and make it easier to achieve a restful and recuperative level of sleep. Enjoying recuperative sleep in turn helps the body’s natural defenses to prepare the mind and body for the day to come, allowing the individual to awake feeling energized and ready to deal with whatever the day may bring.

All hawthorn benefits can be obtained by taking the herb in some form each day, preferably with or immediately after a meal. Many people choose to take the supplements in capsule form, while others prefer an extract or tincture containing the herb. It is also possible to brew a cup of tea as a means of obtaining the benefits derived from hawthorn berries.

As with most herbal approaches to health and healing, it is a good idea to discuss potential hawthorn benefits with your physician. Since herbs can sometimes interfere with the proper function of medications, there is the possibility of experiencing some type of negative interaction. Should the use of hawthorn cause any type of discomfort, such as leading to heart palpitations or difficult sleeping, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.


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