What are Hanging Planters?

Sheri Cyprus

Hanging planters are plant pots with rope, cord or chain added. These types of plant containers, or planters, are made to hold growing plants in a hanging position and are hung on a hook either outdoors or indoors. Hanging planters can make an interesting addition to a room or patio because plants that trail down can look attractive as well as add a fresh natural touch to almost any type of decor.

Polymer clay can be used to make beads for macrame hanging planters.
Polymer clay can be used to make beads for macrame hanging planters.

The color and material of hanging planters, including their ropes or cords, should match the decor and fit with the look of the plant. If you want the plant container and hanger to blend in with the plant by looking natural, a woven basket or natural clay pot hung with jute or other rustic rope could work well. Wooden beads in natural colors can add texture to the plain rope pot hanger.

Natural-looking ropes and wooden, ceramic, or glass beads are often used in macrame hangers for hanging planters. Macrame is the craft of working different types of knotted patterns into strands of rope, cord or string. First popular in Western countries in the 1960s and 1970s, macrame is thought to have originated in Arabia as early as the 13th century.

A more contemporary look for hanging planters is to use a metallic plant pot with a plain sleek hanger such as simple black cord. Many hanging planter pots have three holes drilled along the upper rim to allow materials used for hanging to be attached. Hanging planters without holes may also be used if the rope, chain or cord used for hanging is extended under the pot to support it.

The top of a hanging planter cord often has a hoop or ring that holds the ends of the strings and secures the planter to a hook. The hook should be properly fitted into the ceiling. It should also be the correct size needed to support the weight of the hanging planter filled with plants, soil and materials needed for drainage that are placed in the bottom of the planter. Many hardware and do-it-yourself stores carry hanging planters plus hooks that have instructions for proper installation.

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