What are Hair Stylist Shears?

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Hair stylist shears are the professional scissors that stylists use when cutting hair. Scissors are the most important tools stylists have when at work; they hold these instruments all day long and need to be comfortable with their choice. The customers who come into the salon to get a great hair cut cannot do so without a stylist who has the right pair of scissors.

Often, cosmetology schools do not teach the students about hair cutting shears. Students graduate, find their first jobs, and go buy the scissors that they think are best—even though they aren't exactly sure what tools they need. To avoid this problem, it is important to learn to recognize a good product and do the research to back up a purchase.

There are several questions that should be asked when buying a new pair of hair stylist shears. Do the shears open and close smoothly? Are the components, such as the tension control, bumper, and finger rest well-made and well-fitted to the scissors? Are the scissors covered by a factory warranty? Is there an exchange or satisfaction guarantee? Is the distributor available if you have a problem?


The quality of the steel is a factor that is often overlooked when buying hair stylist shears. Many stylists do not know how to identify quality steel. Salespeople may not be able to help with this either, especially if they are only concerned with earning a commission from making the sale. As a general rule of thumb, look for Japanese steel with as much cobalt in it as possible.

Many people are led astray by the prices of hair stylist shears. The common thought is that if it is high priced, it must be a good product. This is not always the case, however. Cost is certainly a factor to consider, but there are many excellent shears in the lower price ranges.

If a stylist is left-handed, he or she will want to pay special attention when shopping for a new pair of hair stylist shears. Many left-handed stylists are forced to learn to cut hair with right-handed scissors or learn how to use the right-handed scissors with their left hands because they are unaware that they can buy left-handed shears. To further complicate matters, some manufacturers add a finger rest to the thumb blade to supposedly allow the scissors to be used either right or left-handed. In most cases, this only creates discomfort for the stylist. Simply choosing a pair of scissors made with a left-handed stylist in mind can make the job of cutting hair much easier.


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I love Japanese hair shears, they're some of the best. I own the Saki Katana Set and they cut amazingly well, they're super sharp and smooth to work with.

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