What are Hair Shears?

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Hair shears are extremely sharp scissors that are designed for cutting hair. They generally fall into one of three categories, including hair shears for cutting hair, thinning hair, and texturizing hair. A hair stylist will have shears for all of these uses in his or her salon, usually of varying sizes. In addition to hair shears, salons will also have razors for styles that require a blunt, razored look.

The type of hair shears you purchase can have a great impact on the price. The price difference comes from the manufacturing process, and the metal that is used; steel and titanium are very common. Most stylists recommend purchasing the best quality shears you can afford, but there are less expensive ones available for home use, or for students who are just starting out.

Many people also use hair shears at home to trim or even style their own hair, though this can be risky if you are not practiced and confident in your abilities. Small hair shears used for trimming blunt bangs can be a great way to save money, though, rather than having to visit the stylist every few weeks when your bangs grow. Hair shears also may be used at home for cutting and styling wigs, which is a good way to practice before you try it on your own hair.


Hair shears need to be handled carefully to prevent any damage. The shears should never be used to cut anything other than hair, to keep them as sharp as possible, and they should be kept in a case. Sometimes, hair cutting shears can be purchased in a package that also includes razors, a case, oil for the shears, hair clips, and a styling comb, among other items. For a new business, or someone who wants to cut their own hair or their family's hair at home, buying such a package can be a great way to get started.

Some hair cutting shears also come in fun colors and designs, as well as ones specially designed for left-handed stylists. Shears are also often designed for ergonomic comfort, so if you find your shears to be uncomfortable to use, it can be helpful to shop around, and try different manufacturers. Most experienced hair stylists become very particular about the scissors they use, and no single pair is ideal for everyone.


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