What are Hair Inserts?

B. Miller

Hair inserts are styling tools used to create more volume in the hair. One common brand of hair insert is Bumpits™, though there are other brands and styles available. These hair inserts often look like small curved combs, with a number of tiny teeth that grip onto the hair and prevent the insert from slipping out.

Hairspray may be needed to keep the style created by the hair inserts in place.
Hairspray may be needed to keep the style created by the hair inserts in place.

Hair inserts come in different sizes and colors for different styles. There is a clear color available for those with blond or light hair, and a darker color for those with brown or dark hair. The idea is for the hair insert to be completely unnoticeable when it is in the hair; it is not intended to be a decoration for the hair.

The different sizes of hair inserts may be used to create different styles. For instance, one might use a smaller hair insert underneath the bangs, and a larger one to volumize the hair at the crown of the head. Again, these inserts should be used to create a natural look, so it is a good idea to use the most appropriate size for each individual style.

It is simple to use a volumizing hair insert. To use one to create volume on the back of the head, simply create a horizontal part at the crown of the head, behind the ears. Separate the hair into two sections; one section will hang down naturally, while the other will be placed on top of the hair insert. Brush the bottom section of the hair down, and the other section up.

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When they are completely separated, place the hair insert at the line of the part, and make sure to press the teeth of the insert into the hair. That will prevent it from falling out. Next, place the top section of hair over top of the hair insert. Smooth it down and spread it out so that it looks even. If there is not enough hair to cover the hair insert, take it out and start over again by making the part slightly lower.

Once the hair insert is covered, it should add volume and lift to the hair; hairspray may be added if necessary to keep the style in place. The same idea can be done in the front of the head with the bangs, or when trying to create a ponytail. Hair inserts may be used in many casual or fancy styles to create different looks.

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