What are Gummy Vitamins?

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Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that are presented in a candy-like, "gummy" form. You might also see them referred to as gummy bear vitamins. These vitamins are usually manufactured for children, who might have trouble swallowing pills or just refuse to do so. Gummy vitamins exist for adults as well, who might not be able to swallow pills for any reason.

Gummy vitamins come in different flavors that taste good to kids, and kids generally enjoy eating their vitamins this way. This is largely because they come in fun shapes that appeal to children. They are available in generic shapes, such as animals, but they also come in the shapes of popular cartoon characters.

There is some evidence that giving kids these sweet, chewable vitamins can cause an increase in cavities, so experts stress the importance of proper dental hygiene and care. When kids are capable of swallowing a vitamin, it might be a better idea to give them their vitamins that way. It is also possible to get all the nutrition you need through a healthy diet, without the need to introduce a multivitamin into a child's diet.


The cost of gummy vitamins is generally a little higher than those vitamins found in pill form, due to the convenience factor. Chewable vitamins are readily available in most grocery stores and vitamin shops, and can also be ordered from grocery websites or manufacturers online. Sometimes ordering online directly from the manufacturer can make the vitamins less expensive. Note that gummy vitamins for children and adults are not interchangeable; dosage amounts are different, and vitamins designed for adults should not be given to children.

Remember, if you decide to give your children this type of vitamin, it is important to be extra safe. Gummy vitamins should always be kept out of reach of children, because children might not understand the difference between the vitamins and their candy. If children eat too many of the vitamins, you need to call a poison control center or take them directly to the emergency room--a harmful or deadly overdose is possible. Chewable gummy vitamins are not candy, and the directions on the bottle should always be carefully followed. Be sure to tell your kids regularly that vitamins are not candy so they understand. Other than chewable gummy vitamins, another option for a child who can't or won't swallow pills is liquid vitamins--these come in liquid or powder form and can be mixed into juice or water.


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Post 2

@Vaclav- I take adult gummy vitamins and I don't see anything wrong with it. They are more of pleasure to take and I am still getting my daily vitamins. It is no different from eating a small piece of candy, and some fruits have as much sugar as a gummy bear. I take good care of my teeth as well. In my opinion, gummy bear vitamins are one of the best things they invented in the vitamin world for kids and adults alike.

Post 1

My sister gave all her kids gummy vitamins. I really don't think they are good for kids. I think it just encourages them to eat more candy, and makes them expect everything, including medicine, to taste like candy. My sister says that is not the case, that the vitamins in this form encourage the kids to take something that is good for them. She said she has talked to them about how some things will never taste good. I guess time will tell on how these kids do with candy.

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