What are Grommet Machines?

Tara Barnett

Grommet machines are devices designed to place grommets in materials like paper and fabric. While there are other uses for grommets, including surgical and industrial uses, grommet machines are primarily used for crafts and clothing. Smaller machines can be useful for homes or offices, and larger ones may be better for businesses that use grommets frequently. These machines require unused grommets as supplies, but can otherwise be expected to last for many years. The technology for placing grommets in materials has changed very little over time, so investing in grommet machines does not have the risk of needing to upgrade.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Generally, the purpose of grommet machines is to place grommets in materials quickly and without the errors that sometimes occur when using small grommet placement tools. Errors when placing grommets can be unsightly and difficult to fix. A grommet machine improves the chances that the grommets will be placed perfectly every time. This machine can also make it easier to place many grommets quickly.

Grommet machines work by flattening the two pieces of a grommet together, creating an even ring on each side. Usually, grommets are purchased separately, but a new machine may come with some grommets included. The press is often operated using a simple pushing mechanism that applies firm pressure to the grommets. Even a person without much strength can typically operate a grommet machine because pushing down the lever of the machine translates into such a small movement. There are also machines that push the grommets together automatically, although these are generally considered unnecessary for non-factory applications.

Machines of this type are usually designed to work with grommets of different sizes, although the machine may need special interchangeable attachments in order to accommodate different grommets. If pieces are lost, they can usually be replaced because machine manufacturers remain fairly consistent. Even though this type of machine is not generally very expensive, it is designed to last for many years, which can make it a good investment if someone cannot affix grommets using a hammer.

For small craft purposes, using a grommet machine is usually not necessary. Grommets can be affixed to fabric and cards using a hammer and a special tool that firmly and evenly secures the grommet. Machines that accomplish this task are typically much larger than a hammer and tool, so storing the machine may be a problem. If someone regularly applies grommets and would like to purchase a machine, it is a good idea to look at reviews for different models. Most machines look similar and function in nearly identical ways, but some machines are more likely to degrade over time than others.

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