What are Granite Pavers?

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Granite is a natural rock that is formed by the crystallization of magma within the earth's crust. It is composed of three main minerals, known as mica, feldspar and quartz. Granite is recognized for its strength, hardness and durability, making it perfect for use as pavers.

Many homeowners choose to install granite pavers in their driveways, because of their intense strength. This variety of pavers can support the weight of multiple vehicles for decades without cracking. At the same time, granite will also increase the value of your home due to its beauty.

Granite pavers are extremely durable, making them perfect for use in high traffic areas. They can be used for walkways, courtyards, patios and the interior of homes and commercial buildings. They are guaranteed to last a lifetime, with minimal repairs necessary. This is why they are often used in the construction of important buildings that are meant to last for decades or longer.

Many people choose to install granite pavers around their pool, due to the fact that they are water-resistant. These natural stone pavers have a slip-resistant finish when left unpolished. This makes granite one of the safest type of pavers to place around the pool edge.


Another important feature of granite is that it is 100 percent non-combustible. This is why it is often the paver of choice for use around the fireplace and barbecue pit. It is also this feature that makes granite comfortable to walk on with bare feet, even on a scorching summer day.

There are a wide array of colors to choose from when selecting granite pavers to purchase. The color of granite depends upon the proportions of mica, feldspar and quartz, which vary throughout quarries in different parts of the world. The most common colors are black, yellow, rose and gray, with a large amount of different shades in between.

After selecting the color of granite pavers, a person can also select from one of five different finishes: polished, honed, diamond 8, thermal, and diamond 10. When granite is said to be polished, it means that the paver has a shiny gloss to it, which makes the color and gemstones more evident. Honed granite is one in which the color is bright and noticeable, but without the shiny finish.

Granite that is referred to as diamond 8 has had the shiny gemstones removed, leaving behind a brilliant color without any shine. Pavers with a thermal finish have had a high-temperature flame applied to the surface, leaving behind, a rough finish. When a diamond 10 finish is applied to the pavers, the gemstones are removed and the texture of the surface is made rough with open flames.


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