What Are Granite Kitchen Cabinets?

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Many kitchens can be accented with granite countertops, though many people sometimes confuse countertops with granite kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are, in fact, usually made of wood or metal, and the tops of those cabinets can be laid with granite because the stone is exceptionally beautiful and durable. The reason for the confusion may stem from the fact that some cabinets seen from above have the appearance of granite kitchen cabinets, since the granite is mostly what is visible. The wood can be hidden from view or otherwise not noticeable in lieu of the stone.

When people refer to granite kitchen cabinets, they may be referring to wooden cabinets with granite countertops. The cabinets may be built into a wall, or they may be constructed as a freestanding island in the center of a kitchen. The wood used to construct the cabinets themselves can vary according to the homeowner's or the builder's preferences. The choice of wood will have a significant impact on the durability and aesthetic appeal of the granite kitchen cabinets; hardwoods tend to be durable and show a very attractive grain, while softwoods tend to be less expensive but also less durable and less resistant to damage from water or bug infestation.


The countertops above the cabinets will be made of granite, which is exceptionally heavy; the wood will therefore need to be fairly high quality to support the weight of the countertop. Granite can come in a variety of colors and tones, and most homeowners will choose a shade of granite to complement the wood of the granite kitchen cabinets as well as the other fixtures or furniture in the room. The cabinets themselves can also often be accented with pieces of granite, though it is unlikely that the cabinet structures themselves will be made of granite for several reasons, including high cost, heavy weight, and difficulty working with the material for cutting and construction.

While the beauty of granite kitchen cpuntertops is undeniable, some maintenance will be necessary to preserve the countertops. Granite can chip fairly easily, so users will need to be careful to avoid dropping heavy objects on the countertops. The granite's finish can also become scratched. It is likely that the granite finish will become dull after time, so the countertops will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up of dirt and grime. A soft cloth and some cleaning solution designed to be used with granite is preferable.


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