What are Garage Shelves?

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Shelves are a popular addition to the home garage because they can store items needed regularly as well as those needed less often. Garage shelves should be strong enough to support the items stored on it. Heavy duty shelving is available in freestanding units. Garage cabinets and storage bins are also great additions to garage shelves to provide efficient home organization.

In homes with the washer and dryer in the garage, closed shelving above the appliances is usually very desirable. Closed door cabinets tend to look much neater than open garage shelves because they keep detergent bottles and other laundry supplies out of sight. If there's room near the washing machine and dryer, an extra shelf with a pull-out section to fold clothes on could possibly be added. The area underneath a high garage shelf used for out of season storage could be fitted with a hanger rod to hold shirts on hangers. There are many possible ideas for shelving to help make the most out of a small garage laundry space.


Cabinet-style garage shelves also work well for storing canned foods and sports equipment. A wardrobe meant for indoors may work well in a garage to hold sports equipment if it has an upper shelf for items such as helmets or tennis balls and is fitted to store hockey sticks, tennis racquets and the like in the lower compartment. Garage shelves may be built around wardrobes or closed pantry shelving units to create a partial or full wall of storage in a garage.

Garage shelving may also be built around a workbench or even garbage cans. Hooks mounted under garage shelves can help keep brooms and dustpans looking neat. Proper garage storage can make the difference between a messy cluttered garage and an organized one.

Large plastic storage bins lined up neatly on garage shelves can store many different items. Transparent bins mean the items inside are easier to see, but opaque storage containers may be labeled for identification. Garage shelves can help keep recycling bins organized as well. A row of containers to collect recycling materials such as newspapers and bottles can keep items for recycling separate and ready for pickup or delivery to a recycling depot.


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