What are Garage Cabinets?

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It can be difficult to keep a garage organized. Many people use them not just to store cars but as workspaces or even relaxation or play spaces. A method for maintaining order and keeping things clean in the garage is to have garage cabinets or shelves.

Generally there is a distinction between cabinets and shelves. Most often cabinetry implies that the shelves are enclosed. Shelves on the other hand usually are highly visible and completely open. When companies sell garage cabinets, though, they may sell shelves and cabinets together in various combinations. It might not be a bad idea to have a couple (or more) of each to meet numerous types of storage needs. Cabinets tend to have the advantage of being able to store things out of sight, which can keep a garage looking neater.

There are quite a few types of garage cabinets and they can be made in many different material and dimensions. Common materials used include heavy-duty plastic, which can make freestanding cabinets that don’t need to be hung on garage walls. Others are made of wood or pressboard, and usually the most expensive are made of various types of metal. People can choose to buy a single cabinet, or numerous ones from lots of different cabinet stores, and from many home improvement stores.


It isn’t always necessary to buy brand new garage cabinets to get extra garage storage. Many people opt to use used kitchen cabinets for their garages. People who remodel a kitchen could install their old cabinets in the garage. Alternately, others contact contractors who remodel kitchens, and who usually have a fairly steady supply of used cabinets available for very low prices.

In the used versus new debate, there are a few things to consider. Kitchen cabinets may not have locks, and these can be helpful for keeping dangerous workshop tools, chemicals, or auto items away from kids. Of course it is fairly easy to install a few locks on doors to solve this problem.

People should be additionally wary of kitchen cabinets that are painted and were built before 1978 because may they may have lead paint. Some used cabinets may not be as durable as those made specifically for garages. Of course, in favor of installing used kitchen or garage cabinets is the fact that they are generally so much less expensive, and may possibly even be free.

No matter which choice, it’s certain that garage cabinets can be highly useful. As mentioned, a few should feature locks so that various dangerous items can be stored safely out of reach. Dimension and amount of cabinets really varies on individual taste and offerings from various vendors. Some people fill a full wall with cabinets and shelving and others simply buy a free-stranding cabinet for a few storage needs. Those with specific storage needs can also have garage cabinets custom made, but this is rarely a necessity, given the available variety.


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