What Are Fun Ways to Serve Graham Crackers?

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Graham crackers can be a great snack plain, or spread with a little peanut butter or jelly, but there are a number of fun ways to prepare them as well. In baking, graham crackers can be mixed with butter and turned into a delicious pie crust, or combined with melted chocolate to make candies with a crunch. S'mores are a popular graham cracker treat, made with marshmallow and melted chocolate. Other fun recipes include graham cracker pudding, snack bars, or even some homemade ice cream sandwiches, among many other favorites. It can be fun to just experiment as well.

There are many ways to turn graham crackers into a more creative and enjoyable snack without a lot of effort. S'mores are probably the most common use for these sweet treats; they are prepared by layering one graham cracker with marshmallow and a chocolate bar, and then melting them together over a heat source. They are a traditional campfire food, but can certainly be prepared on the stove as well. In addition to S'mores, many people will prepare their own ice cream sandwiches by simply spreading a favorite flavor of ice cream between the two crackers. Kids especially are big fans of these sandwiches.


For people who make their own candy, graham crackers can be a fun way to make them a little more special. Adding a layer of graham cracker at the bottom of a piece of candy gives it a nice crunch and a little additional sweetness. During the holiday season, another option is to use graham crackers instead of gingerbread to make a homemade gingerbread house. Graham crackers are easier to use for this purpose because they are lighter than gingerbread and less prone to falling apart. Many people also use these crackers in baking as well.

A graham cracker crust is a popular choice for many different pies and cheesecakes, and it is easy to make with crumbled crackers and melted butter. There are many recipes to be found online for graham cracker pudding as well, which is a fun dish to make any time of year. For people who like to make their own snack bars or granola bars, graham crackers can be a welcome addition for a bit more sweetness in the recipe. These are just some of the more common ways to make the graham cracker a little more fun, but feel free to experiment; new uses for this versatile cracker are developed all the time, and spread quickly over the Internet.


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