What Are Fucithalmic Eye Drops?

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Fucithalmic eye drops contain the active ingredient fusidic acid, an antibiotic and are used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis, or infection of the membrane of the eye. Eye infections occur commonly and are usually caused by one of three things: allergy, viruses or bacteria. They may present with itching, redness and a discharge from the eye. It is important that a doctor diagnoses the cause of the infection so that the correct treatment can be given. Fucithalmic eye drops are used to treat bacterial eye infections caused by susceptible Staphylococci, Streptococci or Haemophilus bacteria.

Fusidic acid works by interfering with amino acid transport which is essential for the bacteria to make protein. Without this, the bacteria cannot replicate, or reproduce. It not only works on the outer membrane of the eye, but penetrates the cornea too.

The recommended dose of the eye drops should be taken and the course completed. The normal dose is one drop twice a day instilled into the eye and the course is usually seven days long. Depending on the infection, the prescribing doctor may recommend using the drops in one or both eyes. Stopping the treatment before the course is completed may result in recurrence and resistance, making treatment later very difficult.


Although fucithalmic eye drops are topical, some absorption may occur, leading to systemic side effects. Adverse effects which have been reported include pain or stinging of the eyes and allergic reactions. Any previous allergies should be discussed with the prescribing doctor. Should the infection not clear after the treatment course is completed, the doctor should be consulted again.

When being treated for a bacterial eye infection with fucithalmic eye drops it is advised to stop wearing contact lenses. This is to prevent worsening of the infection. The preservative, benzalkonium chloride, may also cause deposits on the contact lenses and damage them.

It is important to keep eye drops sterile. Fucithalmic eye drops may come in single dose droppers which are used once and discarded or multi-dose bottles. It is important to wash hands well before using eye drops and not to touch the eye with the dropper when instilling them, which will prevent contamination. The remainder of the drops after completion of treatment should be discarded, and eye drops should never be kept for longer than 30 days after opening.


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