What are Flower Beads?

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Flower beads are beads that are either shaped like flowers or contain a floral pattern. A flower bead may be made of plastic, glass, crystal, metal, wood, ceramic or polymer clay. Crafters may choose from a seemingly endless range of flower-themed beads or they may decide to create their own.

For example, polymer clay such as Fimo® may be purchased through most craft stores. It can be shaped into flower beads and then baked to harden the finished beads. There are many different colors of polymer clay available. All it takes is some practice shaping petals, stamens, leaves and other flower parts from the clay to create unique flower-shaped beads.

For instance, pieces of Fimo® polymer clay can be rolled into long tubes. The tubes can then be sliced to form petals or leaves to press together with the hands to make little rose shapes to use for beads. Looking at a rose or photograph of one may be a good way to help a crafter create realistic rose beads. Toothpicks or wooden skewers can be used to create holes in the handcrafted clay beads before baking.


The varieties of ready-made flower beads include ceramic and wood with painted floral and leaf designs. Many of these look quite delicate and are intricately painted. A metal flower bead may be round and rosebud shaped, or it may be a daisy front or spacer style. Flower-shaped spacer beads have the bead hole in the center of the flower so that just the flower's edges show from the front. They add pattern and texture between other beads. Front facing beads have their patterns facing outward such as flower beads with the bead hole placed through the sides.

Swarovski crystal flower beads are made of natural Austrian crystal. These beautifully sparkling flower bead designs include daisy and rose shapes in colors such as yellow, pink, amethyst, light peach, pale green and clear. Glass flower beads don’t sparkle like crystal ones, but they can look quite tasteful. They are available in many different sizes and shapes including long tulips with the bead hole running through their length. Plastic beads are also available in many different flower shapes such as daisies and tropical flowers.

Flower beads can be used to make all types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Beads shaped like flowers or that feature floral designs can add interest and style to otherwise plain jewelry. Crafting with flower beads is also a great way to create very feminine jewelry.


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Post 4

Jade flower beads are my favorite kind of bead. They have such a pretty finish, and they look so elegant when used as the focal point in a piece of jewelry.

I have a bracelet made of orange jade flower beads shaped like roses. There is one large flower bead in the center, flanked by another rose on each side. The rest of the bracelet is made of round white beads, so as not to steal the show.

I have some matching earrings. Each one is a single orange rose with a stainless steel post coming out of it. They are delightfully simple and the perfect complement to the bracelet.

Post 3

I have a friend who creates lampwork flower beads that are far more beautiful than any jewelry I have ever seen. She is a professional, and she melts her glass with a torch to shape it into various flower designs.

She made me a daylily necklace with this technique. The lily is pink and purple, and it is amazingly detailed. She layered the glass on top of itself to make the details, and she encased the entire flower in a ball of clear resin.

I can see tiny bubbles in the resin around the flower, which gives the illusion that it is trapped underwater. I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making this flower bead.

Post 2

@lighth0se33 – I have been hesitant to work with small, intricate flower beads like baby's breath, because the more detailed a bead is, the more it tends to break. I tried to make my sister's birthday present with beads that had thin, ruffled edges, and they chipped inside the gift box!

I now stick to more chunky, cartoonistic beads. Realistic looking ones may be more beautiful, but I'm not willing to take a chance on them.

Thicker flower beads can be cute, especially in kids' jewelry. My kids and I have crafts night, and we like to use flower beads in our projects.

Post 1

I buy lucite flower beads online, and I get to choose from a big variety of styles and colors. My choice depends on the theme of the piece I am creating.

I like to make tropical bracelets and anklets, and for this, I use hibiscus beads in pink. I like to include some small seashells as spacers, and since many shells have pink undertones, they go well with the flower beads.

I created bracelets for everyone in my sister's wedding party. Her colors were purple and green, so I used purple lucite baby's breath flowers and mother-of-pearl beads. This was some of the most beautiful jewelry I have ever made.

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