What are Fixed Windows?

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Fixed windows are window designs that do not include any sashes or sections of the window that are configured to open and close. Windows of this type are often used in the designs of many different types of buildings, such as offices, courthouses, and houses of worship. There are also windows of this type that are sometimes used in the design of private residences.

One of the more common varieties of the fixed window is known as the picture window. A window of this type is designed with a frame that matches the general elements of the room design itself. Featuring clear glass that makes it possible to view the exterior area, fixed windows of this kind are often strategically placed within a room design to allow people to enjoy the view while also enjoying the comfort of the climate controlled interior space.

Fixed windows can come in many different sizes and shapes. For this reason, it is not unusual to see fixed windows in many houses of worship. It is possible to create a large fixed glass window design that incorporates the use of stained or tempered glass that helps to minimize the glare from the sun. Christian churches often feature large windows of varying shapes that depict scenes reminiscent of events recorded within the canon of Christian scripture, or some event that is relevant to a particular Christian denomination or tradition.


In like manner, many office buildings make use of fixed windows as a basic part of the design. Depending on the layout of the workspace, the windows may be square, rectangular, oval, or any other shape desired. They may be placed and designed to allow the maximum amount of natural light into the space, or serve as a means of making a smaller workplace seem larger by using oversized windows that offer an impressive view of the outside. As more businesses look for ways to manage their energy consumption with more efficiency, the use of strategically placed fixed windows has increased in popularity.

The benefits of fixed windows include more efficiency in heat and cooling the interior space, as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance. Because there are no mechanisms to open and close a portion of the window, there is less chance of small cracks developing over time that let in air from the outside. In like manner, cleaning fixed windows is often considered easier, since there is no chance for sashes or other components of the window to move during the cleaning process.


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Post 4

The front office of my workplace is covered with fixed tinted windows. The receptionists can see out, but people outside can't see in.

The ladies who work up front like the privacy that these windows provide. They also are amused at how many people walk by and use the windows as mirrors to fix their hair or tug at their skirts. No one realizes that people are sitting there facing them, because fixed windows don't really look like windows, especially if they are dark.

I think that the main reason for having the windows tinted is to help with insulation. The tinting keeps the sunlight from overheating the building, but it also keeps heat from escaping during the winter. The fact that they are closed all the time helps, too.

Post 3

My office building has fixed windows. They are rectangular and line the wall right below the ceiling. They serve to let light inside, so the bosses can use lower wattage bulbs and save money on electricity.

I was worried when I started working there, because I didn't see any windows through which we could escape in case of fire. My friend showed me the emergency exit in the back, so I felt better.

I'm just so used to being able to open a window, or at least to look out of one. These windows are the only ones in the office, and they are up too high for me to look through them. I can tell whether it is cloudy or sunny, and that's about it.

Post 2

@seag47 – I love stain glass fixed windows. I got the opportunity to travel abroad several years ago and visit some ancient churches with window art. These are masterpieces done by the best in their field.

I'm glad that these windows are fixed, because it would be a tragedy for them to crack or break somehow because of strain from opening and closing. Also, because they are solid pieces of glass, they look more like art in the forms we are used to, such as paintings on canvas.

Post 1

Since I was a child, I have loved looking at the stain glass windows of my church. To me, it was such a beautiful thing to use a window for decoration rather than its ordinary purpose.

One window had an amazing variety of color mixed into the glass. In the middle of the window was a white dove. Radiating from him were bits of glass shaped like sun rays. There were no panes to distract from the illustration, so we got the full effect of its beauty.

I really loved the way it affected the lighting in the church around sunset. The interior of the building would take on an orange glow, intensified by the colored glass.

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