What are Fitted Baseball Caps?

Alicia Sparks

Fitted baseball caps are caps designed to perfectly fit the wearer’s head without the use of an adjustment mechanism. It is important for fitted caps to fit absolutely, especially for safety purposes. To get an ideal fit, customers can try on different sizes, use a sizing chart for help, or have a professional measure their heads. Although their name suggests otherwise, fitted baseball caps are not limited to baseball players and fans. These custom fitted caps come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be worn by anyone.

A pitcher wearing a baseball cap.
A pitcher wearing a baseball cap.

Purchasing fitted baseball caps that actually fit is similar to purchasing any other kind of apparel. A person can try on different fitted caps until he finds one that fits his head, or he can measure his head and order a cap based on that measurement. Just as they allow customers to try on certain clothing items and shoes, most retail stores allow customers to try on fitted baseball caps before making a purchase. Too, many websites provide a fitted cap sizing chart to help customers measure their heads and determine which sizes are right for them. If that does not work, or if he wants to make sure the cap fits perfectly, he might have a professional measure his head and made a cap just for him.

Professional baseball caps are fitted to the wearer so that they don't come loose when the player is fielding a ball.
Professional baseball caps are fitted to the wearer so that they don't come loose when the player is fielding a ball.

Regardless of how the wearer purchases the hat, it is important to make sure the hat fits perfectly. A fitted cap that is too tight can cause headaches and painful indentions in the skin. Similarly, a fitted cap that is too loose can obstruct the wearer’s vision and fall off. Also, fitted baseball caps that do not fit properly can interfere with the wearer’s activities and become a safety hazard. For example, fitted skate hats meant to block the sun and showcase the skaters’ favorite logos could block the skaters’ sight and cause an accident.

Contrary to what their name suggests, people can purchase fitted baseball caps designed with more than just baseball team logos. Many retailers sell custom fitted hats with basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and other sports teams logos. People can also find fitted caps featuring designs from their favorite musicians, actors, movies, television shows, and comics. Some companies sell or distribute fitted caps featuring their product logos. It is even possible to find fitted baseball caps that feature the name or a related logo of a particular region or nation.

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I remember when New Era started selling 5950 model fitted baseball hats. The selling point was, "these are the exact caps the players wear on the field." That was about 1994; before that, you could order the 5950 caps direct from New Era, but no stores I knew of carried them. At about that time, "snapback" caps (the adjustable size ones with the plastic or fabric straps on the back) became somewhat passe, at least among teenage boys (of which I was one). If you didn't know your hat size by about 1996, you weren't on trend. And of course around that time New Era started selling "on-field" model caps in colors and styles that were never seen on an actual MLB field of play. The "fitted" became ubiquitous.

That said, sometime in the last few years, snapbacks made a definite comeback, to the point where it seems like "cool kids" of all ages wear either style interchangeably.

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