What are Fisherman Pants?

G. Wiesen

Thai fisherman pants, also just called fisherman pants, are a type of unisex garment worn on the lower portion of a person. Though originally made for wear by fishermen in Thailand, this style of garment has spread throughout the world due to its comfort, durability, and relative ease of wearing. Fisherman pants have become extremely popular among fitness and exercise enthusiasts who have found them to provide comfort and a wide range of motion, while fitting both men and women of just about every size and proportion. They can be somewhat difficult to wear for those who do not know how to properly tie them, due to the large waistband, but little practice is needed to learn to wear them properly.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Typically made from cotton or a similarly durable and lightweight material, fisherman pants are often ideal for exercise and workout or aerobic routines. The pants are designed with a very large waistband, but unlike some similar garments, there is no elastic in the band to keep them on. This design makes them ideal for people of all sizes and has made them an especially popular style of clothing for pregnant women or people looking to lose weight and not have to replace their clothes.

To properly tie the waistband of a pair of fisherman pants, a person begins by putting the pants on while paying attention to where the two strings at the top are located. The wearer then places one hand at the middle of the front of the waistband, and with the other hand pulls the extra waistband material out, and then folds it in toward the middle. This folded material is held at the middle by the folding hand; there should be an angled crease running up the leg on that side, and the other hand is used to now pull out the other side of the waistband.

The other side is then folded in by the wearer, also toward the middle, so that the fisherman pants should now have a crease going up both legs and the waistband should be tight around the person’s waist with both folds meeting at the middle. These folds are held in place with one hand, and the wearer uses the other hand to take one of the two strings at the top and pull it around to the middle. This string is then held with the folds in place, and the wearer uses his or her other hand to find the second string, and pull it around from the other side to meet the first string in the middle. The strings are tied together to form a belt that holds the waistline in place, and excess material from the top of the pants can be folded down to cover the string and make the waistline appear more tidy or neat.

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