What are Fire Pit Logs?

Dan Cavallari

Fire pit logs are either real or prefabricated logs used for warmth and decoration in a fire pit. Prefabricated fire pit logs are made from metal or ceramic and help conduct heat without being consumed. They are aimed at improving aesthetics and masking the blue flame base commonly seen in gas fire pits; the fire pit logs hide the blue flame base and allow the orange flames to pass through, giving the illusion of a regular wood-burning fire. Natural wood can also be used for fire pits, and they will burn in the flames to produce heat.

Real wood fire pit logs.
Real wood fire pit logs.

Prefabricated fire pit logs are designed to resist burning. They are made from non-combustible materials such as metal or ceramic, and they are painted or otherwise decorated to mimic the look and feel of real wood. They may come formed as individual logs, or they may be prefabricated to appear as a stack of logs that cannot be separated from each other. The logs can be laid on top of a gas burner at the bottom of the pit to conceal the gas delivery system as well as the blue flame coming from it. In some cases, the fire pit logs feature vent holes to allow better air flow to the flames and to allow flames to pass higher through the logs.

Prefabricated logs.
Prefabricated logs.

Natural wood fire pits will require the use of real fire pit logs. People with wood-burning fire pits need to choose wood carefully, as some woods will cause more smoke and sparks than others. Fire pit logs very often need to sit for a season to dry adequately before being burned; this is known as seasoning the wood. Excess moisture in the wood can cause sparks and excess smoke when burning. Other things that can cause excess smoke and sparks include pitch or sap in the woods and chemicals, such as the ones present in pressure treated lumber, or even paint and stain.

Fire pit logs often need to sit for a season to dry adequately before being burned.
Fire pit logs often need to sit for a season to dry adequately before being burned.

The advantages of prefabricated fire pit logs include not having to clean the fire pit, as no ashes will be produced in a gas-powered fire pit with prefabricated logs inside. They are also a one-time purchase, meaning they are generally low cost items, whereas firewood may need to be purchased regularly if the fire pit owner does not have access to forests nearby.

Burning natural firewood requires having a supply of firewood on hand on a regular basis.
Burning natural firewood requires having a supply of firewood on hand on a regular basis.

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Discussion Comments


These fire logs work great for an outdoor fire pit. All the heat and flame of a nice big fire but without all the smoke and smell.


For me, the gas log fire pit works great. I simply enjoy sitting in the backyard, relaxing and watching the flames from a fire. The gas logs are convenient because you can have a fire without extensive preparation, and when the fire is burning there is little difference between the flames of the gas logs and the flames created by burning natural wood logs. Also, there is no cleanup with the gas logs, and that's a big plus.


I love the smell of wood burning in the fire pit on a crisp fall day. That alone makes fire pits worth the investment, but what is even better is a fire pit grill. Not only does this give you the charm and warmth of a fire, but you can also use it for cookouts.

We make use of our fire pit throughout the year for the most part. Sometimes there are a couple cold months when it doesn't get much use, but other than that it is regularly in use.


There was a time when most houses had wood burning fireplaces, and the fireplaces were used to heat the house, not for decoration or because the fire looked pretty. I understand that gas fireplaces are easier to keep clean and you don't have to haul wood through the house and make a mess-- so for that reason, gas logs work better for some people.

However, when it comes to an outside propane fire pit I have to draw the line. I want a fire pit that burns real wood logs and whatever other debris I decide to throw in it. After all, I don't have to worry about dirtying up the yard.

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