What are Filiform Warts?

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Warts are benign lumps that develop on the skin and that are usually induced by infections from various strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV). HPV may infiltrate the skin’s top layer through an opening or a cut and cause rapid growth of skin cells, which eventually develop into a wart. Warts are generally named according to their appearance and site of occurrence. Those that appear on the neck, face, lips, eyelids, and sometimes in thin skinned areas of the legs and armpits are known as filiform warts. These warts are usually long, slim, and flesh colored.

Most filiform warts are infectious and can be transmitted by touching the HPV infected skin of another person. They can also also be transferred by an infected individual to other parts of his body. This virus can likewise spread through sharing of towels, jackets, and other clothing that came in contact with an HPV-infected area. Transmission of HPV is also possible in wet surfaces such as swimming pools, wet floors of locker rooms, and even on wet slippers and shoes. This is because the virus can often survive in these environments.


Individuals with weak immune systems are most likely to develop these warts. Those with abrasions and breaks in the skin are also more susceptible to this infection. Filiform symptoms include itching and bleeding of the affected skin area. These warts are generally painless growths. When located in frequently rubbed areas, however, they can become irritated and result in soreness and in infection.

These warts are often benign, but they can become bothersome as they are often found on the face. Some of them may also disappear after a period of time. Dermatologists, doctors who treat skin infections, are often the ones who remove these warts.

There are several treatment options for individuals with filiform warts. These include use of prescribed topical medications, cryotherapy, surgery and other alternative methods of treatment. Application of topical medications to the affected area usually stimulates the immune system to ward off the growth of HPV. In cryotherapy, the warts are frozen by the application of liquid nitrogen.

Those with stubborn warts may choose to undergo minor surgery or have them removed using a laser beam. Use of laser for the removal of warts is sometimes an expensive option. Other forms of treatment include alternative medicines which use natural products that can effectively remove the warts permanently.


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Post 3

I got a filiform wart from my barber. I don't share my personal razor with anyone and that's the only place I could have gotten it. I've stopped going there ever since.

Post 2

@literally45-- I had my filiform wart removed with cryotherapy. It was very quick and easy and there was no scar. All it entails is the freezing of the wart with liquid nitrogen or special laser equipment. It just feels cold for a few seconds and that's it. Freezing kills the virus.

But the wart was fairly small and it was on my chin and not my eyelid. You have to determine the best treatment option for you with your doctor. None of us here are doctors and might end up giving you the wrong advice.

Meanwhile, be careful about hygiene and don't touch the wart and touch other parts of your face and body. Wash your hands often.

Post 1

I have a filiform facial wart on my eyelid. My doctor gave me a cream to use but it's not working.

I'm scared about other treatments because the wart is at a very sensitive part and I definitely don't want any scarring. Are there any natural remedies that are safe to use and effective against filiform warts?

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