What are Fast Pass Driving Courses?

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Fast pass driving courses are intensive driving courses designed to help people build driving skills much faster than usual. An individual may enroll in this type of driving course when he is hoping to gain driving skills in an extremely short period of time in order to pass a driving test and get a driver’s license. Under normal circumstances, a person might spend weeks or even months preparing for a driver’s license test. With some fast pass driving course options, a person may be prepared to take his test in a week or less.

When people are learning to drive, they often spread their driving lessons out over an extended period of time. For example, a person may practice driving just an hour or two per week. Practicing for an hour or two each week allows a person to slowly but steadily prepare to take his driver’s license test. For some people, however, the slow progression toward getting driving-test ready just takes too long. Others may need a driver’s license sooner rather than later, such as to secure employment or for an upcoming trip. Either way, these people may consider using fast pass driving courses to prepare quickly.


With fast pass driving courses, a lot of preparation and driving practice is usually crammed into a very short period. For example, if a person wishes to be ready to take a driver’s license test in a week, he may work several lessons and practice times into this one-week period. This may require him to commit to spending several hours on driving lessons per day over the course of the week. For example, if a person needs 30 hours of training in one week’s time, he may spread this out so that he practices for a little over four hours each day.

Depending on where an individual lives, he may find many businesses that offer fast pass driving courses, and each school is likely to have a unique course plan. Many schools, however, offer accelerated courses that last for 10, 20, or 30 hours. Often, 10-hour courses are intended for those who have some experience but have failed a driver’s test while a 20-hour course may be more appropriate for a person who has taken some driving lessons in the past but still needs significant practice before taking a licensing test. A 30-hour course may be offered to individuals who have much less driving experience.


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