What are Facial Hives?

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Facial hives are red, smooth bumps that occur suddenly on the face. The hives are typically extremely itchy and have a burning sensation. Facial hives may persist for just a few hours or last for days before diminishing. Causes of hives may vary, but are generally the result of an allergic reaction. In severe cases, facial hives can cause swelling on the throat leading to trouble breathing. Facial hives can be alleviated with medication, including steroids.

Swelling of the face is common with hives on the face. This swelling, which usually takes place near the eyes and lips, is known as angioedema. Typically, the swelling will dissipate within a day.

An allergic reaction to certain foods, such as shellfish, eggs, milks, or nuts, may trigger hives. Typically, fresh foods are more frequently responsible for hives than cooked food. Certain toiletry items, such as soaps, perfumes, and shampoos, may also cause hives. Allergies to medications like penicillin, high blood pressure medication, and painkillers, also can cause hives.

Hives also may occur as a result of a bug bite, infection, or illness. Physical stimulation of the skin is another cause of facial hives. Exposure to extreme temperatures, as well as sweat and exposure to the sun, may result in hives. With physical stimulation, the hives appear where the skin was aroused and often will disappear within an hour.


Commonly, a person with facial hives will have large patches or welts on his face. Often, a person’s face will look red like a sunburn or like he has been bitten by bugs. Typically, the mouth, ears, and eyes will puff up. When the hives eventually subside, a person may be left with scaly skin resulting from inflammation.

The easiest treatment for hives is to stay clear of what triggers the condition. However, sometimes the cause of hives is not readily known. For immediate relief, a person can wash his face with cold water several times during the day and avoid hot water on the face. Cold water helps to alleviate the itching and burning in the face. At night, keeping the head elevated can assist with preventing swelling.

In mild cases of hives, antihistamines may prove effective. However, antihistamines may cause dizziness or sleepiness. In more severe instances, injections of steroids may be prescribed. Steroids may be effective, particularly if the hives occur around the throat, which can affect breathing. The side effects of steroids may include anxiety, high blood pressure, and dizziness.


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This is what I do for hives. I eliminated all dairy from my diet. I eat no shellfish, no shrimps, no prawns, no mussels, junk food, milk, eggs, cheese, no greasy foods, no strawberries, peanuts, white bread, white pasta, tomatoes, tomato sauce or ketchup, no spicy foods and no chili or mustard.

I take two quercetin capsules a day; one black cumin oil seed capsule three times a day; one butterbur petasites capsule a day; one stinging nettle root extract capsule a day; on bromelain capsule a day; one

papaya enzyme capsule three times a day.

Eat lots of: oranges, onions, dandelion greens, mustard seeds, collard greens, apples, eat brown rice, wholemeal pasta, soy non dairy cheese, soya non dairy

butter, soymilk, salmon, mackerel, sardines, cod, white fish, tilapia, catfish, shark, snapper, spinach, kale, oregano, thyme, catnip, alkaline water, olives, sea salt, vinegar lemon grapefruits, mangoes and tofu. Drink lots of green tea and also take green tea capsules.

When your skin is itchy apply: milk of magnesia, calamine lotion, vaporub, Nature's Aid skin gel. Another excellent product for hives you can try is Oxyhives.

Good luck getting rid of hives. Well, at least if you follow the diet and instructions, your hives will improve with fewer breakouts and way fewer hives.

First, apply baking soda onto the face. Mix baking soda with little water and make into a paste then apply to face or body. This will stop itching and help heal hives quicker. After that, I follow the instructions below for hives on my face:

I use Clean & Clear astringent, let it evaporate on my, face then apply benzoyl peroxide. Again I wait two minutes then apply Nature's Aid skin gel. This seems to do the trick for me. Avoid stress at all costs. Change bedsheets at least once a day, have two showers every day and change bed pillows every day.

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