What are Emo Jeans?

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Emo jeans are a type of fashion worn by followers of the emo subculture. The jeans typically are black or dyed very bright colors, fit snugly and are often adorned with large belts. Generally, people who fit into this cultural subgroup wear skinny jeans with tight band-related t-shirts; straightened, dyed hair; and a lot of colorful accessories. Facial piercings and tattoos are acceptable in the emo culture as well. People in the emo subculture are usually young people under 30 years old with a very thin stature.

Emo is short for "emotional hardcore." People who consider themselves emo typically like poetry, writing, Goth culture, death and depression. They like dark clothes, including black skinny jeans with zippers at the ankles.

There are thousands of emo music fans, and most of them like to wear emo jeans. Emo music started as an offshoot of 1980s punk music and indie rock. Emo bands include 30 Seconds to Mars, Newfound Glory, Boys Like Girls, The All-American Rejects, and The Used, to name a few.


The jeans they wear are very tight and taper at the ankle. The denim can be any color, from white to hot pink, but blue jeans are frowned upon. Both males and females can wear skinny jeans, and the wearer is encouraged to have a thin body type. Boys usually wear girls' jeans because few manufacturers make skinny jeans for males. Emo jeans often are topped by wide, colorful or studded belts that are buckled around the hips as an accessory.

Skate sneakers, such as VansĀ® or ConverseĀ®, are acceptable with tight jeans. Heels, however, are not an emo trend with skinny jeans. The appropriate types of shoe to wear with tight jeans are usually flat. Goth jeans, also called skinny jeans, are always low-rise. This means that the top of the waistband is only a few inches (about 7 or 8 cm) higher than the crotch.

People who wear tight emo jeans often complement the look by wearing many colorful, rubber bracelets, scarves, pins, hoodies and fingerless gloves. Snake bite lip piercings, nose rings, ear plugs and multiple body piercings are also part of the emo culture. Some people like to wear black-framed eyeglasses, whether they need them or not. Black band t-shirts or ironic t-shirts are popular to wear with tight jeans as well.

"Scene" is a subculture of emo. So-called "scene kids" also wear skinny jeans and generally dress like emos, but they prefer bigger, more dramatic hair, brighter colors and more makeup. Rather than have the sad demeanor of emo kids, scene kids are upbeat and like to dance and party. They do not wear black, and their jeans are mostly dyed in bright colors.


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