What Are eBook Affiliate Programs?

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A common technique of generating online revenue for Internet marketers is through ebook affiliate programs. In this form of marketing, a vendor first creates a digital ebook and puts it up for sale via a website. The vendor then sets up an affiliate program through which marketers can help sell the ebook. Every time a customer purchases the ebook, the profits are split between the vendor and the affiliate.

The first step in ebook affiliate programs consists of a digital product — the ebook — being created. The subject can be nearly anything as long as there is a target market to sell the product to. Typically the ebook will be made into a portable document format (PDF) file. This format is a common standard and makes it easy for the contents of the ebook to be distributed and read on most computers.

Once the ebook has been created, the vendor aims to sell as many copies as possible. One way to accomplish this is for the vendor to simply sell the ebook through a website. While this method is likely to result in a decent amount of profits, often only a limited audience can be reached. In order for the vendor to maximize revenue and reach a wider audience, ebook affiliate programs are often created.


Making an affiliate program is usually done through a third party website. The vendor will place his product on an affiliate program and decide how much of the profits he is willing to share with affiliates. Affiliates are also known as Internet marketers and help the vendor sell his product in exchange for commissions on each sale. For example, the vendor may decide to split the profits down the middle and give affiliates 50 percent of each ebook sold.

Once created, marketers can sign up for ebook affiliate programs. These affiliates will then receive what is called an affiliate link, which can be placed anywhere online. Anytime someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the vendor and affiliate will share their predetermined portions of the sale. Affiliates can then sell the ebook in various ways, including placing it on a website, article marketing, or pay per click advertising.

This process ultimately benefits both the vendor and affiliates. The vendor is capable of reaching audiences and makes sales that he wouldn't normally make. Affiliates are able to earn profits without having to actually create a product.


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