What are Ear Protectors?

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Ear protectors are small devices that are either wedged inside the inner ear canal or that cover the outer ear. They are generally used to shield ears from an outside noise or a harmful substance. For example, ear protectors can help block out the sound of a person snoring, or they can keep water from entering the ear canal during swimming or scuba diving. Using ear protectors while performing these kinds of activities can help prevent auditory fatigue as well as reduce permanent hearing loss.

Ear hearing protectors or ear noise protectors are frequently used for the purpose of blocking out loud noises. They are usually referred to as ear plugs if they are inserted into the inner ear and earmuffs if they are designed to cover the outer ear. These kinds of ear protectors can help protect people from developing conditions such as ringing in the ears. In addition, they can assist with reducing permanent noise-induced hearing loss.

An ear protector is often used by an individual who is exposed to loud noises while working. For example, individuals who operate loud machinery in a factory often wear protective ear devices. Some militaries also give ear protectors to their soldiers for blocking out noise while firing weapons. Individuals who work in the music industry, such as rock bands, may wear ear protectors during a performance.


Ear hearing protectors can also be used by individuals during leisure activities. For instance, people who ride motorcycles are exposed to a great deal of wind noise, particular while cruising down highways at fast speeds. Wearing ear protectors can help reduce that noise level and diminish the chances of hearing loss. In addition, some individuals wear ear protectors while sleeping in order to block out noises that may wake them up or keep them from falling asleep altogether.

Ear protectors vary in shape, quality, and size, depending on their function. Some of the common kinds include ear plugs made from memory foam or silicone as well as flange protectors. Memory foam protectors are small sponge-like devices that can be compressed and then inserted into the ear canal, where they expand to fit the ear’s shape. Silicone protectors are usually higher quality. They are generally rolled into a ball and then molded to shape the ear canal.

Flange protectors look like little mushrooms that have one to three rings on the mushroom top. The ringed end is inserted into the ear canal, and the stem is twisted until the protector is sealed into the ear. Earmuffs are another common protection device. Typically, they look like a headband with pads that cover the outer ears. Some earmuffs are used to protect the ears from cold weather while others are used for hearing protection, similar to an ear plug.


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