What are Dumbell Racks?

Shannon Kietzman

Dumbell racks are pieces of equipment used to hold a single dumbell or a set of dumbells. Dumbells are weights commonly found in various sizes and weights. They are usually present in any large workout or exercise facility and are commonly referred to as "free weights" because they do not require the use of special machinery. Dumbells are usually used two at a time, one in each hand, for the purpose of increasing the user's muscles and strength.

Dumbell racks can be used to hold and organize dumbells.
Dumbell racks can be used to hold and organize dumbells.

Dumbell racks serve multiple purposes. The primary purpose of dumbell racks is to hold numerous dumbells. Some other uses of dumbell racks are to organize a workout area or facility and to keep the area clean so nobody will trip on dumbells lying on the floor.

Dumbells tend to be round on their edges and sides. Therefore, they need to be stored somewhere when they are not in use to prevent them from rolling. Dumbell racks are specifically designed to hold dumbells so they can be stored securely off the ground. Dumbell racks are usually placed in an out-of-the-way spot within a large workout or exercise facility so nobody will bump into them. Dumbell racks can also be used in a person's home exercise room, where they are usually stored against a wall.

While there are many different styles, types, lengths, and heights of dumbell racks, all must be made to securely hold a great deal of weight. In fact, some may have the ability to effectively store thousands of pounds worth of dumbells. Dumbell racks are also available in many styles, including vertical, horizontal, and tiered. Since people tend to use dumbells of different weights for different purposes during their workout, it is necessary to have dumbell racks capable of holding many different size dumbells. Most dumbell racks come with this capability.

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