What are Doc Martens&Reg;?

Felicia Dye

Doc Martens® is widely recognized as referring to shoes made by a company called Dr. Martens. This company grew out the invention of air-soled boots created by Dr. Klaus Maertens. The boot’s official birth date is considered to be 1 April 1960.

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Dr. Klaus Maertens is often described as an innovative and creative man. He is the designer of a pair of boots that gave rise to a company which has been widely recognized for decades. Although the company’s name, Dr. Martens, does not provide an indication, credit is also given to an English family bearing the name Grigg. This family believed in Dr. Maertens' product, acquired rights to produce it, and did so on a mass scale in England. This greatly increased the popularity of Dr. Maertens' invention.

The first style of boots marketed by this brand is known as the 1460. They were eight eyelet work boots suited for various industries. Since they offered both comfort and durability, they grew in popularity among the working class. This included policemen, postal workers, and factory workers.

The air soles were only one of the trademarks of Doc Martens® boots. Another was bright yellow stitching around the soles. The boots also left a unique footprint.

Working class people were not the only group to admire the boots. In the 1960s and 1970s the boots were widely favored and purchased by subculture groups such as skinheads, punks, and Goths. For some groups, the boots served as something like a trademark. This trend carried on for decades and the original design of 1460 is still popular among some groups.

For many people, the name Doc Martens® conjures the classic 1460. As time passed, however, Doc Martens® expanded to refer to a wide range of newer styles for men and women. The options of boots became much more diverse. The offerings also grew to include casual and dress shoes.

Authentic Doc Martens® come with a lifetime guarantee. This means that if he chose to, a person could keep a pair of these shoes for the rest of his life. This is possible because the company promises to always repair or replace them.

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