What are Disposable Ear Plugs?

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Disposable ear plugs are ear plugs that can be used once and then thrown away, or perhaps be used several times before being thrown away. They are one of the most popular types of ear plugs. The value of disposable ear plugs is not only in their price but also in their performance.

Disposable ear plugs are used in many different environments, some of which are industrial settings where workers must depend on a good set of ear plugs for their own personal hearing protection. In such environments, the ear is constantly subjected to loud sounds. Therefore, a good pair of ear plugs is vital in order to protect against hearing loss over a long period of time.

In many cases, disposable ear plugs come in a variety of quantities. By their very nature, they are meant to be discarded after one use, of just a very few uses. Therefore, they will need to be supplied in mass quantities simply because, most of the time, they will be constantly in demand either by one worker or multiple workers. They may come in boxes of as many as 200 pair or more. Often, at the retail level, they are sold in lesser quantities.


In addition to being used at a job site, there are a number of other applications as well. They are effective tools for snoring relief, can be used at the shooting range or on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists may be especially susceptible to ear damage, depending on the size and noise an engine produces and more riders have started wearing disposable ear plugs.

Most disposable ear plugs come in the form of foam ear plugs. Foam ear plugs are usually rolled up and inserted in the ear. Then once in the ear canal, they slowly expand to fit the contours of the ear, effectively providing a seal around the entire ear canal. Another type of foam ear plug is simply inserted in the very outer portion of the ear canal and forms a seal as it is pushed in slightly.

Other types of disposable ear plugs, besides foam ear plugs, include silicone-based ear plugs. These types of plugs have a formable silicone base that can be inserted in the ear canal. As with foam ear plugs, silicone also does a good job of forming a seal that effectively reduces sound between 20 and 30 decibels. In addition, these are one of the few types of disposable ear plugs that are capable of keeping out water as well. While they may cost slightly more than foam ear plugs, the ability to protect the ear canal from water may be an important consideration for some individuals.


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I use the foam earplugs and I like them. They are very inexpensive and work well. I don't worry about them getting stuck in my ears and they are wonderful for blocking sound.

I generally use them in a hotel room or when traveling. They help me relax enough to sleep. I've also used them at live concerts when I knew the music was going to be really loud and I didn't want to leave with a headache, or worse, damaged hearing. You can usually get them for just a couple of dollars for a package of six or eight, which makes them a really good value.

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