What are Digital Photo Books?

B. Miller

Digital photo books may refer to one of two things. The first is a photo album created online. Many websites allow users to create their own photo books using their personal digital photos that have been uploaded to the website; the company will then print the photo book, bind it, and ship it to the user. The second type of digital photo book is an electronic device that allows the user to load photos onto it, which are then displayed on an LCD screen.

A person may set up a digital photo book online to share pictures with friends and family.
A person may set up a digital photo book online to share pictures with friends and family.

Similar in appearance to a digital picture frame, a digital photo book is a convenient device that allows the user to carry hundreds of photos with them, to be viewed at the touch of a button. Digital photo books are typically powered by rechargeable batteries, and come with a small carrying case to prevent damage to the screen. The LCD screen is typically high resolution, to allow the best viewing possible. Photos may be loaded into the device in a number of different ways, depending on its design.

Some have slots to accept memory cards directly from digital cameras; this is convenient if the photos do not need to be edited in any way. Another option to load pictures onto digital photo books is to attach the device to a computer with a USB cable, and load photos onto it that way. Some photo books may also be able to sync wirelessly with a computer, the way a digital photo frame often can. For those who want to edit their photos first, this is a better choice.

Photos loaded onto digital photo books may then be organized for further convenience. These devices often allow the user to create albums, which is often necessary because of the large capacity of the device. The user will then be able to scroll independently through the photos, or the device may be able to create a slide show. Digital photo books are frequently used by professional photographers, who want a way to display their portfolios in a simple, professional, and eye-catching manner.

Either type of digital photo book, whether a printed version or an electronic device, can make a particularly nice gift. Digital photo books may be ordered online or purchased in most electronics stores. Electronic digital photo books can be quite expensive, but for those who want to have all their favorite photos with them at the touch of a button, they are an excellent choice.

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@bythewell - It's difficult to really say what the next step in technology is going to be. Very few people could have predicted that we'd be able to take so many photos and store them online the way we do.

There are some really strange statistics about digital photo books and websites online as well... the sheer amount of photos that people have put up is mind boggling. And most of them are photos of cats!


@umbra21 - I don't think that Harry Potter thing is going to happen any time soon. We already have video, of course, and there are a lot of ways to make little video files intended to capture a single moment. I'm sure there is digital photo software around that will put those onto one of those frames so that you can watch little clips on your mantel. It wouldn't be difficult these days.

But it would be difficult to make the people in the video move around in a way that wasn't captured by the camera, like they do in Harry Potter. To do that, you'd need to somehow scan the people in the photo into a program that was smart enough to move them around as characters in a natural looking way.

I think you could create an artificial version of this, by filming someone moving around and then editing it so it looked like they were moving in a photo, but you couldn't just take a picture and get the computer to do the work for you.

I think the next step will be holographs.


Those digital photo albums that you use with a screen are something that my mother would have read about as science fiction even fifteen years ago. They've really come down in price recently as well. I bought several of them for gifts in a sale and they were less than thirty dollars. I remember they were over a hundred dollars even a couple of years ago.

I feel like the next step is going to be a Harry Potter style of photograph that can move around.

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