What are Different Types of Yard Decorations?

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Many people talk about the “curb appeal” of a home. One thing that can add to the attractiveness of a house and lawn is to add yard decorations. There are many different kinds of them, from small to large, earth-tone colors to bright colors and seasonal to year-round options. Depending on a person’s decorating style and personality, they can be individualized to make a house stand out. There are five major types of yard decorations: flags, lighting, garden art, water and holiday themes.

Flags are traditional yard decorations used by many people. Some homeowners have a featured flagpole with the national or regional flag. Sports fans can show their team pride with a flag in the yard. Many people enjoy placing seasonal flags in front of their homes to coordinate with holidays and events.

Adding lights to the lawn and trees can add outdoor decorations both day and night. Some people mark walkways with electrical lighting, and others use candles or torches. These types of lighted yard decorations can be insect repellents at the same time. There are small, simple white-roped lights available for a more subtle decoration, and there are brightly colored Chinese lanterns available for a more festive look.


Many people opt for garden art for yard decorations. There is a wide variety of different types of garden art pieces to fit any type of home or personality. Some people like gnomes and flamingos, and others prefer statues of Buddha or Saint Francis. Using decorative birdbaths also is a common way to decorate a yard. Gazing balls and hanging several wind chimes are other ways to add color and style to outdoor décor.

Using water as a feature for yard decorations is a popular way to add a unique look to a lawn or backyard. Some people make small coy ponds or reflection ponds to create a peaceful, meditation atmosphere in the yard. Adding a fountain, small or large, is another way to get the benefit of the tranquil sound of running water and add a personalized decoration to the yard.

Some people add yard decorations only during holiday seasons, and these might include lights on the houses and trees. Some people put in small tombstones and hang skeletons from tree branches for Halloween. There are inflatable yard decorations available, such as giant snowmen or turkeys. No matter what the occasion, the local home improvement store most likely has a yard decoration to fit any need.


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@sunnysideup - I've been there! My personal favorite is the wooden yard decoration that looks like a group of alligator bumps arising from the sand, they look so real!

We stayed at the Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island in a gorgeous little turquoise cottage filled with so much history. To find that an American president had stayed here made perfect sense...what a way to get away from it all!!

Post 1

If you drive through Sanibel and Captiva Islands off the coast of SW Florida, you'll find yard decor with a sense of humor.

Not only will you see delicately crafted manatee and dolphin mailboxes or mermaids diving out of a vibrant fuschia bouganvillea bush, but you'll find unique names of family homes with a subtle yet humorous touch.

Whether it's the Dew Drop Inn or the Blue Right Through, names with a touch of whimsy are everywhere, alluding to past hurricanes or future in-laws, the touch is always just right.

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