What are Different Types of Rolling Storage?

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Rolling storage is great for the home, the office, the workshop, and the garage. You can benefit from the use of rolling storage containers in nearly any space that needs extra storage. The beauty of these units is that they are portable, so you can move them easily. When not in use, or when the items inside are not needed, simply push the rolling storage container to the side.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to rolling storage. From file storage to tool or toy storage, you can find the perfect unit for every area. You can choose a hard plastic, three-drawer file system on wheels, or select one in solid wood with polished casters for a more formal setting. Choose a rolling storage unit that doubles as a work surface.

Maybe you’d prefer another style of rolling storage that is also dual purpose. An adjustable coffee table rolling storage unit may be perfect. One style offers three drawers, side-by-side, with plenty of room to stash items out of sight. It is also simple to maneuver and can double as a coffee or cocktail table when serving guests. Choose from your favorite wood finishes.


Rolling storage is great for kids’ rooms too. We all know how handy bunk beds can be in rooms with limited floor space, so why not try bunk bins? These rolling storage carts have one large canvas bin atop the other, and they are available in bright colors. Bring the cart to the toys, and clean up will be quick and easy. When toys are put away, push the unit back into place.

How about a rolling workstation complete with plenty of storage? It offers plenty of room for tools, it’s easy to move around, it has a flip top lid, and it even comes with a cup holder. You can also choose a mobile workstation with a laminate top and lots of hidden storage. Move it from the shop to the garage to the kitchen to keep your tools within easy reach at all times.


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