What Are Different Types of Retinol Products?

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There are various kinds of retinol products on the market, most of which are skin care products meant to promote a more youthful look within the skin by helping to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Other retinol products are used to treat cellulite. Unlike some general moisturizers that can be used all over the body, most retinol is intended for use on a specific part of the body. Some retinol creams and serums are intended for the face as a whole, and others that are specifically formulated for the skin around the eyes. Retinol intended to help reduce the visibility of cellulite is usually meant for specific ares affected by cellulite such as the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

In addition to treating wrinkles and cellulite, some retinol products are also meant to treat acne. There are a number of products formulate with retinol that claim to help to clear clogged pores, stop breakouts, and even heal scars that may be the result of acne. These products may be part of a larger skin care system that involves cleansers, astringents, toners, and masks. While retinol may be included in a mask, it is more common for it to be included in moisturizers or serums.


Retinol products are sometimes grouped according to whether one needs a prescription to obtain them. There are many products on the market that are sold over the counter, but there are others that can only be obtained with a prescription from a doctor. People who are interested in using prescription-strength retinol should consult with their doctors and, most likely, work with a dermatologist. This will help them to find out whether prescription-strength retinol products are right for them and, if so, which products are best to meet their needs.

It is very common for retinol products to be formulated with a number of other ingredients that can improve the complexion. Vitamin C, for example, is commonly used in formulas for retinol masks. Vitamin C can help to brighten the skin tone and fade scars and age spots. Vitamin E is also included in some products made with retinol, especially skin serums. Vitamins C and E are also believed to have antioxidant properties, which is one of the reasons that these two ingredients are commonly included along with retinol in products meant to restore and protect the skin.


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Post 3

I just found out that retinol can be used to treat acne. I asked my doctor about it over the phone and he said that retinol may help me as well.

I'm very excited about trying this treatment. I have tried several different medicated lotions in the past few years for acne but none have worked well. I'm hoping that retinol works. But I have to get retinol gel because apparently, regular retinol cream may worsen acne.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Yes, I'm using one and I do recommend it. I started using a retinol night cream a few weeks ago and I think it really is making a difference.

Of course, no cream will get rid of wrinkles all together but retinol cream can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It's also great for dry, uneven skin. Retinol not only gently exfoliates skin but it also encourages natural collagen production in skin. So it helps balance moisture naturally. My skin has been looking much better since I started this type of cream.

I should warn you however that using too much retinol cream in the beginning can cause some irritation. So use only a pea sized amount at first, once a day. As your skin gets used to it, you can use more.

Post 1

Does anyone here use a retinol night cream? I want to use it for dry skin and wrinkles. Do you recommend it?

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