What are the Different Types of Bicep Stretches?

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Bicep stretches help a person increase his flexibility and prevent injury when exercising with weights. In fact, it’s a good idea to stretch before any kind of exercise. Fortunately, there are many ways a person can stretch his biceps, which are the muscles in the top section of the upper arm.

Some bicep stretches are performed while standing up. For example a person may use wall stretches for his biceps. To perform a wall stretch, a person stands with one hand and lower section of the inner arm against a wall. He then slowly turns his body away from the wall, stopping when he feels a comfortable stretching sensation in his biceps. He may hold the stretched position for about 30 seconds.

A person can also perform bicep stretches with both arms positioned on a wall. To perform these stretches, a person stands facing away from the wall, with both of his palms touching the wall behind him and his fingers pointed upward. He then moves into a squatting position with his torso leaning forward and his hands still in place on the wall. He should hold this squatting position for about 30 seconds.


Another standing bicep stretch requires the exerciser to stand up straight with both hands clasped behind his back. He then turns his clasped-together hands so their palms are facing downward. He finally lifts his hands up, while they’re still clasped behind his back and holds that position for about 20 or 30 seconds.

Some bicep stretches are meant to be performed while a person is sitting down. For example, an exerciser may sit down on the ground and place his hands behind him, keeping his knees bent and the palms of his hands facing downward. Then, pointing his fingers way from him and keeping his hands positioned closely to each other, he uses a walking motion to move his feet forward. He should stop when he feels his biceps stretching and hold his position for 30 seconds.

An individual may even perform bicep stretches while lying on the floor. To begin, a person lies on the floor, with his stomach and chest touching the ground. He should then position one arm above him with the palm facing upward; the other arm should be bent at the elbow with its palm facing down. Pushing on the hand that has its palm facing down, he should slowly turn his body away from the floor until he feels a comfortable stretch of his biceps. He should hold that position for about 20 to 30 seconds.


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Post 3

If you are going to stretch out your bicep be sure to stretch out your biceps, forearms, wrists and shoulders. It is not worth it to have one of your muscles loose and the rest of them tight. That is a recipe for an injury

Post 2

I am a personal trainer and people are always asking me, "How do you stretch your biceps?" I wish that I had a better answer but there really are not a lot of great bicep stretches. It is hard to isolate the muscle in that part of the arm.

Post 1

If you put your arm up against a door frame and then turn your whole body against the arm you can get a great bicep stretch and also a shoulder and peck stretch.

I do this before any workout. With just about any lift, even leg stuff, you are going to be using your biceps. It is worth it to spend five or ten minutes stretching out so that you avoid injuries.

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