What are Different Types of Attachable Back Support for Chairs?

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Attachable back support products are designed to be attached to the back of a chair in order to provide added comfort and support. There are three main categories of attachable back support: adjustable, inflatable and zoned. Each of these attachable back support products has unique benefits.

The adjustable lumbar design is a good attachable back support option, because it has a thin profile that does not take up a great deal of seating space. These attachable back supports also have a knob that makes it possible to adjust the degree of curvature in order to fit the user’s comfort zone. This variety of attachable back support is lightweight and extremely portable. It is also very easy to clean with light soap and water, though it should not be placed directly into a washing machine for care.

As the name suggests, inflatable lumbar rests inflate to practically every lumbar shape, which makes this category of attachable back support an extremely attractive option to most users. The inflatable lumbar rest is also compact and has multiple applications, such as for wheelchair support, office chairs and car seats. This attachable back support is also cleaned easily with light soap and water and should be air dried for best results.


The zoned attachable back support design is particularly appealing to many users. The first zone of this design is the upper back and shoulders. This special zoning ensures strain and stress are kept off this area. The second zone is a channel located in the center of the pad, which eliminates spinal column pressure. The third zone is an anatomic design that supports the lumbar region of the back, while the fourth is a contoured bottom that removes the pressure from the tailbone and hips. The fifth and final zone of this attachable back support is wrapped sides that provide vertical alignment. This zoned designed is light weight and portable, and also easily cleaned with a light soap and water mixture and air dried for best results.

Most of these categories of attachable back support can be purchased at office supply stores, which offer the benefit of allowing consumers to try them out first. It is also possible to purchase an attachable back support product online, which offers the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home. The only drawback to this method is the inability to try each model first, making it difficult to determine which is the best design for a person’s unique body shape and needs. Regardless of where it is purchased, an attachable back support product generally costs anywhere from 30 to 300 US dollars (USD), depending on the options it includes.


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Post 2

I saw some ergonomic back support chairs at Walgreens that were designed to use on your office chair. They look like they are very simply built and would conform to your back as you are sitting in your chair.

I know that one of the best things you can do is get up and move around on a regular basis. But there are many times when you cannot do this and having some type of back support would be very helpful to get through a long day.

Post 1

My DO told me to keep a small pillow on my computer chair to help support my lower back when I am sitting down all day. This simple piece of advice has really made a difference for my back.

There are days that my back would just ache after sitting in front of the computer all day. Now that I have this pillow to rest my back on, it makes a big difference. I make sure that the pillow is small, but firm enough to give adequate support.

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