What Are Different Side Bun Hairstyles?

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Those who find the traditional bun a bit too tightly-wound may wish to try its fun, stylish cousin, the side bun. With a number of different side bun hairstyles to try, it is possible to work this look for several days without repeating the same bun twice. After mastering a basic side bun, try moving on to a messy side bun. Then, try fully- or partially-braided side bun hairstyles. Finally, experiment with embellished side buns enhanced with decorative items like ribbon or removable extensions.

Begin experimenting with side bun hairstyles by mastering the basic side bun. As with most hair buns, this look requires a comb or hair brush, an elastic band, bobby pins, and styling spray. Begin by using the comb to create a deep part on one side of the head, gathering the hair just behind the opposite ear. Secure the hair with an elastic band if desired, and then wind it around itself until it has formed a neat coil. Fasten the coil in place with bobby pins, and mist the hair with hairspray for extra hold.

Next, try out messy bun hairstyles. To create this look, begin by forming a basic side bun. After pinning the bun in place but before applying styling spray, use the fingers or the end of a rat-tail comb to loosen a few strands of hair until the style reaches the desired level of messiness. Finish by misting the bun with hairspray.


Some variations on the side bun involve braids. Try gathering the hair behind the ear, securing it with an elastic band, and then braiding it before winding it into a bun. Alternatively, braid one or more small sections of hair before forming a side bun. Winding through the bun’s coil, these small braids will lend visual interest to this hairstyle.

Finally, experiment with embellished side bun hairstyles enhanced with decorative objects like ribbons or removable hair extensions. To work a ribbon into a side bun, gather the hair behind the ear, secure with an elastic band, and then tuck the end of a length of ribbon into the elastic band. Braid the hair using the ribbon as one of the braid’s strands, and then fashion a side bun as normal, using a bobby pin to hide any leftover ribbon behind the bun. Alternatively, gather the hair behind the ear, secure with a hair elastic, and then clip a brightly-colored, removable hair extension into the ponytail. Form a side bun as normal, wrapping the excess extension around the base of the bun and fastening it with a bobby pin.


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