What Are Different Avocado Desserts?

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Many people might not consider avocados to be sweet or suitable for desserts, but there is an extremely wide variety of avocado desserts. Among the most popular avocado desserts are ice cream, ice pops, milkshakes, cheesecake and even pies. In some parts of the world, avocado desserts are everyday fare.

Avocado ice cream is tasty and easy to make. Vietnamese Sinh To Bo, an avocado milkshake, is made by blending coconut milk and certain spices into avocado ice cream. In Indonesia, it's common for an avocado to be cut into large chunks, mixed with ice chips and condensed milk or chocolate syrup to be drizzled over it. During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, avocados are blended with sweetened condensed milk and frozen into ice pops that are popular with many people. In Ethiopia, there are many types of avocado desserts, such as spreece, a parfait made with layers of avocados, mangoes, bananas and guavas floating in fruit juice. This is sometimes topped with avocado liqueur.


An avocado mango pie with yogurt, honey and lime is a delicacy in some eateries. Many kinds of avocado cheesecake and soufflé are made. People who enjoy carrot cake often enjoy avocado spice cake with avocado cream cheese frosting. Avocados are sometimes seen in muffins, cupcakes and avocado quick bread, which is much like banana bread. Vegans and people who have a difficult time digesting milk might use avocados blended with canned peaches and orange juice as a substitute for cream in fudge and brownies.

Avocado trees have been cultivated for thousands of years in most of the warmer areas of the world. The trees are very hearty, and the thick-skinned fruit resist insects. The avocado's buttery, creamy texture is an excellent foil for spices such as cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and vanilla. The consistency and texture of avocados make them good baking ingredients. An avocado cookbook was published in Europe as early as 1615, and it contained several sweet after-dinner specialties.


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