What are Diabetes Readings?

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Diabetes readings can determine how much glucose is present in the bloodstream. If the glucose level is too high or low for an extended period of time, the patient can have either pre diabetes or diabetes. Glucose is a type of sugar used by the body to produce energy. The cells in the body use this type of sugar with help from the hormone insulin, which is released when the blood glucose level is too high. Diabetes readings can help to keep these blood glucose levels under control.

There are several ways to check the blood glucose levels. A random sugar test involves measuring the glucose levels frequently throughout the day. An oral sugar test is typically done to diagnose a diabetes problem during pregnancy. Fasting for eight hours or more before a blood glucose test can help a test accurately determine if a patient has pre diabetes. If the results vary considerably, there may be a glucose problem.

When a patient is found to be diabetic, these diabetes readings may have to be checked every day. A patient typically uses a small device called a glucose meter to measure blood glucose levels. This device penetrates the finger with a pin prick to produce a small amount of blood. The blood can then be tested for glucose.


Diabetes readings can vary depending on the time of day. Before a morning meal, a normal glucose level should be around 80 to 120 milligrams per deciliter. After eating meals, these numbers can slightly rise to 170 milligrams per deciliter. At night, they can drop as low as 70 to 110. An occasional increase or decrease in these numbers is not considered dangerous, but if changes occur over a long period of time without being noticed, the glucose problem can do permanent damage to the body.

These diabetes readings are also taken so that the patient can avoid any discomfort due to any diabetic symptoms. If the milligrams per deciliter are too low, the patient can experience a slight fever, anxiety, or mental confusion. When the numbers continue to plummet, there is also a possibility of fainting or seizure. Hyperglycemia refers to the condition when these numbers are too high. It is directly responsible for damaging the internal organs, which can become a life-threatening situation.


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Post 3

Aside from the daily reading that a diabetic looks at, there is also a three month reading called A1C. This is done at the doctor's office and gives the average blood glucose level of the past three months for the patient. It's important to get this test every three months to make sure that the patient's diabetes is under control and that the treatment is working.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I don't recommend doing that. If you suspect that you may have diabetes, have your doctor run the necessary tests for it.

Although diabetes is diagnosed by checking the amount of glucose in the blood at different times, it has to be done with the use of pure glucose in a hospital setting.

If you want, you can check your fasting blood sugar by using the glucose meter in the morning before eating or drinking anything. If you have diabetes, your fasting blood sugar may be higher than normal. But there is no guarantee that the fasting blood sugar will show your diabetes. In some people, diabetes is only diagnosed by checking blood sugar one hour and then two hours after ingesting a certain amount of pure glucose. Moreover, glucose meters can be off by a few units. The best way to check is from blood taken from the veins.

Post 1

Can I figure out whether I have diabetes or not by using a glucose meter at home? If so, how often do I need to check my blood sugar?

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