What Are Deep-Fried Sweet Potato Fries?

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Deep-fried sweet potato fries are French fries made from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are washed, cut and placed in a deep-fat fryer to cook until golden brown. Once golden in color, the deep-fried sweet potato fries are removed from the fryer and allowed to drain on a paper towel for several minutes. As the deep-fried sweet potato fries are cooling, the can be covered with salt, pepper and a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture. These fries make a nice side dish, and many people enjoy them with ham or any type of pork.

Sweet potatoes are a southern United States treasure, however, they can be found all around the world and many cultures have their favorite sweet potato recipes. There are many methods to make deep-fried sweet potato fries from simply slicing the sweet potatoes and dropping them into hot oil to frying the potatoes twice to deliver the crispiest potato possible. Most recipes call for some type of sugar or sweetener to be placed on the fries before serving them, with a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture being the most common.


The gourmet-style, deep-fried sweet potato fries call for the potatoes to be washed and placed into a pan. The potatoes are covered in water and allowed to boil for 10 minutes before being removed from the pan and placed on paper towels to dry. When dried completely, the sweet potatoes are to be cut into medium-sized fries and placed in a deep fryer for three to four minutes or until the potatoes are soft and just beginning to turn brown. The potatoes will be limp at this point. For best results, the deep-fried sweet potato fries are allowed to rest on the paper towel for 10 minutes to two hours.

After the potatoes have been allowed to rest, the oil is reheated to high heat and the potatoes are placed back into the oil for approximately one minute or until the potatoes begin to turn brown and puffy. The deep-fried sweet potato fries should then be removed and allowed to drain again for one or two minutes. After draining the excess oil from the fries, a mixture of brown sugar, cayenne pepper and cinnamon is placed into a large bowl and used to coat the hot fries by placing the fries into the bowl and gently tossing. The fries should be served and consumed immediately for the best flavor.


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Here's an interesting fact about potatoes. They should be stored at temperatures below room temperature and in dark places otherwise the heat and light can make them toxic.

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@Laotionne - The sweet potato does have a lot of benefits. I don't know all of the specifics, but I know that eating sweet potatoes can be good for people who have trouble controlling their sugar levels and eating them can also help reduce inflammation in the body.

However, when you deep fry anything you usually destroy most of the good, healthy qualities of the food, so I would guess that deep fried sweet potatoes are only slightly less bad for you than deep friend white potatoes.

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Sweet potatoes are a very healthy food. Maybe parents should start giving their kids these fries instead of the regular French fries that are so filled with fat. And there would be a big improvement in people's health if all fast food places started serving these.

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