What are Custom Ear Plugs?

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Custom ear plugs are ear plugs that are made based on a mold specifically designed to fit an individual's ear. They are considered to be among the most effective barrier methods available to keep sound and water out of an ear. Often, custom ear plugs are recommended for those who, for one reason or another, cannot have water get into their ears. Most often, they are made for children and others who have ear tubes put in.

Just like fingerprints, no two ears are the same. While general ear plugs may offer adequate protection for many people in most cases, those who want additional protection may choose a set of custom ear plugs. These plugs will take longer to acquire as opposed to general ear plugs, which are available over the counter, but do offer more peace of mind.

Custom ear plugs are among the many types of ear plugs available, though usually must be designed by a professional in medical practice, such as an ear, nose and throat doctor. The are reusable ear plugs, unlike some that may be for one-time use. Due to the fact they are custom-molded for the individual, they also cost substantially more than normal ear plugs. Most custom ear plugs cost anywhere from $60 to $100 US Dollars.


Many doctors recommend children with ear tubes limit their opportunities to get water in their ears as much as possible. This is the main reason for custom ear plugs. While there is some debate over the extent of the need for ear plugs, there is no doubt that custom ear plugs are the most effective choice when a need is determined.

While blocking water is the most important part of their job, it is not the only thing that custom ear plugs could be used for. In some cases, they may be considered musician ear plugs because many professional musicians may choose this option when on tour. They can also be particularly effective at blocking harmful sounds at a shooting range. For those who find snoring particularly annoying, they may find it worth the money to invest in a pair of custom ear plugs.

Custom ear plugs are made by placing a soft substance in the ear canal, such as silicone, which makes the form. Once that is completed, the rest is done at a lab. In the end, the durable product one receives will be in the exact shape of the silicone form that was originally used to get the shape of the ear.


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A friend from childhood had a custom ear plug to use when she went swimming. She was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, and these persons often have ear trouble as a result.

Her ear plug was designed just for her ear so water could not get inside it. She hated wearing it, but it was the only way she could go swimming without risking an ear infection. She also wore it on cold, windy days, since she said the wind blowing into her ear was very painful.

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