What are Cupcake Wedding Cakes?

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Cupcake wedding cakes are small, personal cakes created for use in a wedding celebration. They can serve either as the primary cake or as the servings provided to guests. When used as the primary cake, the bride and groom generally choose to use decorative tiers for the cupcakes, keeping them all together to look similar to a traditional wedding cake. When it comes time to cut the cake, however, the bride and groom simply exchange individual cupcakes instead.

Another option for the wedding reception is to have a traditional wedding cake as well as cupcake wedding cakes. The traditional wedding cake is used for pictures and for the traditional cutting of the cake ceremony. The cake may or may not be cut up, but if it is, the pieces of the traditional cake are usually provided only to members of the wedding party. Cupcakes are served to the remaining guests.

Cupcake wedding cakes have a number of advantages over a traditional wedding cake. They eliminate the need to cut the cake, which can be a time consuming process, so all the wedding guests can receive their cake fairly quickly. Using individual cupcakes also ensures that all of the guests receive an equal portion of cake.


Bridal parties can also use cupcakes as an attractive addition to the wedding reception that ties into the decorations. They may be placed on platters at each of the place-settings, each with a unique design that ties into the theme of the wedding. Collectively, those placed at one table may carry a common theme while still remaining unique.

Cupcake wedding cakes are gaining in popularity for weddings. Aside from their convenience, they can also be a less expensive alternative for those who wish to make their own wedding cake, because they do not require the same level of skill as baking and decorating a traditional wedding cake.


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Post 2

This is such a great idea. I had this done for a friend's wedding and the guests thought it was great as they had a pick of either a chocolate cupcake or butter citrus cupcake. They also got a slice of citrus poppy seed cake from the main wedding cake.

Slightly more expensive than the usual 2 or 3 tiered wedding cake but worth every penny seeing the guests thoroughly enjoying themselves instead of the norm of looks of dismay when they are presented with boring fruitcake.

Post 1

this is such a sweet idea for people who may want something a little more casual than your typical multi-layered, formal wedding cake! you can still make them delicious, and gorgeous without the hassle and expense of a wedding cake. i also like these for baby showers.

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